31 January 2012

so, yesterday was pretty epic.

but before i get into that...i would like to announce that i seemed to have lost my camera! life is perfectly dreadful without it, as i have been in a few situations where it would have come in handy.
my very first live hockey game, for instance?

okay, well maybe you'll get over not getting to see those pictures.
but it sucks not having my camera lately.

now onto yesterday, with the assistance of pinterest and google for pictures.
my friend chloe' and i...
{we're full of fantastic ideas, us two}
decided to make a calendar.

we got together to take all the pictures for each month, and i WISH i could show you them riiight now, but...you cant rush perfection. so for now i will just walk you through what you can expect once the calendar is all printed out and official.
{the anticipation is killing you, i know...same here}









highly edited face of laynah.
{it's my birth-month}

guess which one i am.


highly edited face of chloe'.
{it's her birth-month}

fan freaking tastic.
now it's literal.

26 January 2012

Go Awesome (and Awkward) or Go Home.


1. Lazy days.
2. I couldn't find my nudie lipstick this morning so I dabbed on a little bit of my foundation/apricot gloss and actually liked it better.
3. Best thing I tried last week {I'm trying to ween myself off of soda} and haven't been able to stop drinking since:
4. When California remembers that it's Winter time and warm comfy clothes/blankets become necessary again.

5. Amazing nacho dip my dad made, that everyone was begging me to make for the next potluck at work once they tried it.

1. Not wearing a bra in the picture up there with a braid.

2. When your little brothers friends all request to be your friend on facebook and you feel mean denying them, so you have all these self absorbed highschool kids making the most ridiculous statuses on your feed.

3. When you park in a different parking lot than usual, and after work walking allll the way to where you usually park only to remember your car is like a mile away. About face. One of my friends laughed: "Forget something?" Me: "Oh you know. Just my car."

4. When a spanish speaking patient seems to hate you and is yelling at you in a language you don't understand...trying not to laugh when he grabs his privacy curtain and pulls it shut right in front of your face so he doesn't have to look at you anymore.

5. I watched Rebecca Black's Friday video FOR THE FIRST TIME, TODAY. I refused to watch it in 2011 because everyone was talking about how stupid it was. {Why is everyone talking about it if it's so stupid? I'm not going to waste the 3 minutes 48 seconds of my life just so I can say "Hey yup, you were right. That was dumb."}

Hey yup, you were right...that was dumb.

{Awkward/Awesome Thursdays brought to you by the ever amazing Sydney.}

23 January 2012

A blog post...about blog posts.

One hundred posts ago, on the 23rd of June
or was it July...

I attempted blogging for the third time.
Mostly because I needed to kill some time whilst I waited for the boy-I'm-in-love-with-that-doesn't-think-of-me-like-that-at-all to come home from his mission.
Did I just admit that...again??

Yes...yes I did.

But see, maybe that's one of the reasons why I'm in love with blogging now.
I can't be that honest with people in real life.
I mean, I COULD...if I wanted people to think I was crazy.
I just prefer a neutral audience that has no connection at all to my real life + some of the people I am closest with.

I've changed soo much since then and I LOVE that I can go back and read my life over.
Laugh at the funny parts, facepalm the weird parts, and just remember in explicit detail a lot of things I would have otherwise forgotten.

Some favorites
{in addition to the three linked above}

Yay for being a true blue blogger now.
Maybe this calls for a blog face-lift.

Fact: Browsing swimsuits will make summer come faster.

Le sigh.
How come all my favorites right now are from J.Crew?

The winner, for me, is that last one.
I'm thinking "jazzy purple?"

PS - I wasn't going to mention it, but I can't decide how I feel about this one. I love something about it, and at the same time I dislike something about it...it's also the cheapest.

19 January 2012

Awkward & Awesome


1. When you are reallyyy starting to get over your hot pink I-got-in-a-paint-fight-with-my-best-friend-when-I-was-14 walls.

2. When sarcasm doesn't transfer well over the internet.

3. Stranger: "Um, what does it say on the side of your car?" Me: "Merry Christmas...yeahhh I don't believe in washing my car."

4. Coming home and washing your car in furry slippers and a hoodie in the freaking winter, while persons driving by give you odd looks.

5. When one of your really close friends that just recently broke off her engagemet burns a wedding dress in a bonfire with lots of people in attendance...

6. When patients fart on you.

  1. Not one, but two glitter nails.

2. Every Disney movie ever. Always my first pick.

3. Having a patient that was in the navy at the time pearl harbor was attacked and being told all about it from a first hand perspecive.

4. The historical fiction series Children of the Promise that tells about the Latter Day Saint church's history/how the people dealt with war around the time of WWII.

5. Myfridgefood.com! Oh my goodness that website is my buddy when I have the munchies. Made some pretty tasty cheesy garlic biscuits yesterday.

6. Bedtime.

18 January 2012

Nailed it! Cake Pop Edition.

How cake pops are supposed to look:

My friend Chloe and I made cake pop's recently.
We had so much fun giggling the whole time at our kitchen prowess.
 I'm just waiting for that point in my life when the age I act catches up with my actual age. My visiting teaching companion bakes banana bread like it's nothing and I can barely make cake pops.

But back to the kitchen prowess.

For starters, that cake pop making machine is a little lame. It's kind of cheating. Not trying to burst anyone's bubble or anything, but I think you are actually supposed to mash frosting into a finished baked cake to make cake pops...

They just turned out so beautiful in the end, I forgot all about being a lazy cake popper.

Bon Apetite.
Ugliest cake pops ever.

Afterwards we headed to FHE which just induced more giggling.

We were doing improv.
This is a picture of a skit in which the two people doing the improv could not move, so two other people had to come and be invisible and move their limbs for them.
The scenario: they were going dancing, for a first date.

Dear Spring semester: feel free to never start.

15 January 2012

11 January 2012

It feels like some kind of sin when you eat icecream out of a chocolate bowl.

It also feels like some kind of sin when you forget to blog about something until weeks after it actually happened.
I cant exactly skip this though.
Too epic.

I love it when things that I find on pinterest actually work.
We were certain that our chocolate bowls would turn into one of those "nailed it" pictures...

At first it WAS kind of an epic fail.
We had a few of the balloons pop when we put the hot chocolate on them, splattering scalding chocolate all over the kitchen. And us.

But our determination to eat icecream out of chocolate wouldn't let us quit...and I'd say we're bona fide chocolate bowl experts now.

This is also the night I dyed my hair.

Which is actually way more appropriate for one of those "nailed it" pictures because I never bought color safe shampoo/conditioner and now my hair is basically brunette again.
It was fun being a red head for a few days.

10 January 2012

Funnest/Cheapest Game E V E R

It's one of those games that is WAY more fun than it sounds.
So just trust me on this.

Get yourself a big group of people.
The more people the BETTER.

Sit in a circle.
Give everyone a piece of paper and a pen.

Have everyone write random "What if?" Questions on their paper.
"What if Charlie Sheen wasn't winning?"
"What if our skin changed color with emotion?"
"What if Laynah was a man?"

Throw papers in a pile in the middle.
Grab a different paper.
Answer the question on the paper you grabbed.
Throw again.
Grab again.

Okay, here's where the fun starts!

Have somebody start.
They read the question on their paper,
but not the answer.

The person next to them reads the answer on THEIR paper.
Then asks their question to the next person.
Laugh your head off.

It's just a chain reaction of  r i d i c u l o u s  scenarios.

By the way, if I was a man...
everyone's rear ends would be sore!

Oh and also, if you search pinterest "what if?" to get ideas ...you'll get some freaking random pins.

06 January 2012

Is this boy a genius or just lucky?

So you know how I am kinda in love with Africa?
Welp, guess where this kid took me for a first date.

The freaking LA zoo.
It was serendipitous.

Also serendipitous...I found my favorite ribbon!
So anyways, back to the animals:

Needless to say, I had the time of my life running around with my little point and shoot camera pretending I was a photographer in Africa.

Oh, but guess what I didn't love?
I hate those dang things.
I don't understand why everyone else goes bananas over them?!
Look at this evil face:

Okay, so maybe I'm a little scared of monkeys...

Anywayyyys, after our little day date I had to go hang out with Emily, Brooke, and Kat.
Well, sort of.
 I'll definitely see them again.
They just live a lot of hours away from me now.

Best day in a very long time.

That's all for now :)
Happy weekend, lovely.

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