23 January 2012

Fact: Browsing swimsuits will make summer come faster.

Le sigh.
How come all my favorites right now are from J.Crew?

The winner, for me, is that last one.
I'm thinking "jazzy purple?"

PS - I wasn't going to mention it, but I can't decide how I feel about this one. I love something about it, and at the same time I dislike something about it...it's also the cheapest.


Stephanie said...

I love one piece swimsuits, but they never fit me! 1. I'm way too tall, and 2. I'm not the same size on the top and bottom. SO frustrating! But these are still amazing!

Tara said...

Love J.Crew :)


Katie said...

i wish looking at swimsuits made summer come faster! I am ready for winter to be done but feel like we have a long way to go!

Chelsea said...

I'm so glad you decided to blog! I love reading what you write.

And those swimsuits are stunningg.

I love "jazzy purple." But that uo one is cute, too. And not a bad price at all!

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