10 January 2012

Funnest/Cheapest Game E V E R

It's one of those games that is WAY more fun than it sounds.
So just trust me on this.

Get yourself a big group of people.
The more people the BETTER.

Sit in a circle.
Give everyone a piece of paper and a pen.

Have everyone write random "What if?" Questions on their paper.
"What if Charlie Sheen wasn't winning?"
"What if our skin changed color with emotion?"
"What if Laynah was a man?"

Throw papers in a pile in the middle.
Grab a different paper.
Answer the question on the paper you grabbed.
Throw again.
Grab again.

Okay, here's where the fun starts!

Have somebody start.
They read the question on their paper,
but not the answer.

The person next to them reads the answer on THEIR paper.
Then asks their question to the next person.
Laugh your head off.

It's just a chain reaction of  r i d i c u l o u s  scenarios.

By the way, if I was a man...
everyone's rear ends would be sore!

Oh and also, if you search pinterest "what if?" to get ideas ...you'll get some freaking random pins.


Gemma-Louise said...

Sounds like a great game xo

Lauren said...

Sounds fun!! I will have to give this one a whirl :)

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