26 January 2012

Go Awesome (and Awkward) or Go Home.


1. Lazy days.
2. I couldn't find my nudie lipstick this morning so I dabbed on a little bit of my foundation/apricot gloss and actually liked it better.
3. Best thing I tried last week {I'm trying to ween myself off of soda} and haven't been able to stop drinking since:
4. When California remembers that it's Winter time and warm comfy clothes/blankets become necessary again.

5. Amazing nacho dip my dad made, that everyone was begging me to make for the next potluck at work once they tried it.

1. Not wearing a bra in the picture up there with a braid.

2. When your little brothers friends all request to be your friend on facebook and you feel mean denying them, so you have all these self absorbed highschool kids making the most ridiculous statuses on your feed.

3. When you park in a different parking lot than usual, and after work walking allll the way to where you usually park only to remember your car is like a mile away. About face. One of my friends laughed: "Forget something?" Me: "Oh you know. Just my car."

4. When a spanish speaking patient seems to hate you and is yelling at you in a language you don't understand...trying not to laugh when he grabs his privacy curtain and pulls it shut right in front of your face so he doesn't have to look at you anymore.

5. I watched Rebecca Black's Friday video FOR THE FIRST TIME, TODAY. I refused to watch it in 2011 because everyone was talking about how stupid it was. {Why is everyone talking about it if it's so stupid? I'm not going to waste the 3 minutes 48 seconds of my life just so I can say "Hey yup, you were right. That was dumb."}

Hey yup, you were right...that was dumb.

{Awkward/Awesome Thursdays brought to you by the ever amazing Sydney.}


Noelani said...

Brilliant idea with the lipstick substitution :b And lol at the parking situation.

Lauren said...

I still haven't watched that video and I'm going to keep with that... Because I sort of feel bad for the girl, and I might not after watching it.

I hate wearing bras but I feel awkward when I don't... So I always do.

Does the lifewater taste coconut-flavored? Because I've had regular coconut water from Whole Foods thinking it was going to be my most favorite thing ever and it was SO NASTY like watered down milk. I was very hurt by the experience and feel distrustful of coconut now... I would like to repair our relationship.

I lose my car all the time :(

Chloe Deverill said...

you hair is so looong! I love it!!!
and that parking situation?? well, that happens to me. a lot. lol

Shalyn said...

You are so pretty, Laynah- I love the braid and lip color! And am definitely with you on the Rebecca Black video...I really do not get it!

McKenzie King said...

amanda black....classic.

thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!! I love new friends.

Bree said...

Hahaha totally done that with my car before! Sucks so bad! :)

Elsha.Rae said...

brilliant idea! love this!

Bride-onicles said...

This post is so cute and your eyes look so pretty in that first pic. Love the braid too!

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