11 January 2012

It feels like some kind of sin when you eat icecream out of a chocolate bowl.

It also feels like some kind of sin when you forget to blog about something until weeks after it actually happened.
I cant exactly skip this though.
Too epic.

I love it when things that I find on pinterest actually work.
We were certain that our chocolate bowls would turn into one of those "nailed it" pictures...

At first it WAS kind of an epic fail.
We had a few of the balloons pop when we put the hot chocolate on them, splattering scalding chocolate all over the kitchen. And us.

But our determination to eat icecream out of chocolate wouldn't let us quit...and I'd say we're bona fide chocolate bowl experts now.

This is also the night I dyed my hair.

Which is actually way more appropriate for one of those "nailed it" pictures because I never bought color safe shampoo/conditioner and now my hair is basically brunette again.
It was fun being a red head for a few days.


Lauren said...

Love the chocolate bowl idea but the thought of balloons popping is way too scary for me to attempt it.

Also I looooove your hair red, I'm so sad it faded!

Kat said...

What dye did you use? I'm a brunette also, and I've never been able to get a decent red with store-bought color.

LaynahRose said...

I don't know the names of the colors but I used a Loreal red that was much lighter than my hair color for a base, then a garnier fructis red on top of it.

Lex C. said...

1. You make a killer red head!

2. Because I'm blonde, when I died my hair dark brown, after a month I was red. haha opposite prob.

But you are so beautiful either way!

Sara Shoemaker said...

wow you look awesome with your new (now old?) hair! too bad it didn't stick-although I think you could pull off any hair color on earth. what a cool idea though to make chocolate bowls!

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