18 January 2012

Nailed it! Cake Pop Edition.

How cake pops are supposed to look:

My friend Chloe and I made cake pop's recently.
We had so much fun giggling the whole time at our kitchen prowess.
 I'm just waiting for that point in my life when the age I act catches up with my actual age. My visiting teaching companion bakes banana bread like it's nothing and I can barely make cake pops.

But back to the kitchen prowess.

For starters, that cake pop making machine is a little lame. It's kind of cheating. Not trying to burst anyone's bubble or anything, but I think you are actually supposed to mash frosting into a finished baked cake to make cake pops...

They just turned out so beautiful in the end, I forgot all about being a lazy cake popper.

Bon Apetite.
Ugliest cake pops ever.

Afterwards we headed to FHE which just induced more giggling.

We were doing improv.
This is a picture of a skit in which the two people doing the improv could not move, so two other people had to come and be invisible and move their limbs for them.
The scenario: they were going dancing, for a first date.

Dear Spring semester: feel free to never start.


Sarah Christine said...

I loved your last comment on my blog, "just keep pinning to hold yourself over until the day." I think i will being follow that advice! haha I'll also try and enjoy being single for now too though :) And i couldn't agree with the quote you posted, I swear I should be growing up like everyone else but it's just not happening... oh well! haha.

Stephanie said...

Oh my word, I love the cake pops! Haha! They look amazing. (I'm not gonna lie, I probably would have eaten every last one!)

Chloe Deverill said...

Oh cake pops! I love them, but I'm not good at making them. At all.
I've given up. haha

Songbook said...

I love that you have a cake pop making machine, and that those really are the ugliest cake pops I've ever seen! haha I am dying. But you know what, I'm sure they were super delicious! Live it up lady :)

Songbook said...

oh btw, I'm having a giveaway on my blog right now if you want to check it out! :)

Lauren said...

Haha ahhh, those cake pops looks awful (for cake pops) and yet totally delish. I'd still eat them all :)

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