31 January 2012

so, yesterday was pretty epic.

but before i get into that...i would like to announce that i seemed to have lost my camera! life is perfectly dreadful without it, as i have been in a few situations where it would have come in handy.
my very first live hockey game, for instance?

okay, well maybe you'll get over not getting to see those pictures.
but it sucks not having my camera lately.

now onto yesterday, with the assistance of pinterest and google for pictures.
my friend chloe' and i...
{we're full of fantastic ideas, us two}
decided to make a calendar.

we got together to take all the pictures for each month, and i WISH i could show you them riiight now, but...you cant rush perfection. so for now i will just walk you through what you can expect once the calendar is all printed out and official.
{the anticipation is killing you, i know...same here}









highly edited face of laynah.
{it's my birth-month}

guess which one i am.


highly edited face of chloe'.
{it's her birth-month}

fan freaking tastic.
now it's literal.


Lauren said...

I love this, very cool :)

Chelsea said...

You went to a hockey game? Jealous. Kind of. Actually, if you saw someone get knocked out, I'm jealous. I've never actually seen a fight at a hockey game, and I feel like I"m missing out. Ha.

LaynahRose said...

Uhhh, yes! There was the biggest brawl in the last two minutes of the game! Fights everywhere you look on the ice. My daddy says that they let them fight for longer because we were at a semi-pro game and it. was. awesome.

Rebecca said...

Cute ideas for the calendar! I really want to make one with my pets' pictures :)

Sandra Leiva said...

Nice pictures for each month!
Great post! <3

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