26 February 2012

h i a t u s

i cant afford to blog this semester.
but i might pop in every now and then if something epic happens.
and i might still read yours when i get a chance.

um, quick story before i go:
dont ever tell your future boyfriends dad that you're engaged to be engaged while he speaks to the YSA ward over the pulpit. ever have a foot in mouth moment two months after the fact?

still the only picture of us.

21 February 2012

i haven't pinned in a long time.

which is simply a shame.
i forgot how useful pinterest was...

for having fabulous easters.

for pondering.

for closet-envying.
[i'm still craving leopard]

for admiring.

for drooling.

for laughing.
[i feel like this picture would be perfect if there was an arrow pointing to that jumbled mess and saying "you are here"]

and for wasting 80% of your day!

20 February 2012

the complete calendar post, as promised.

okay, well maybe not all the way complete, because i cant find the photo for january haha. it's a solo picture of chloe and the theme is vintage because she tried the masquerade thing...with acrylic paint...and um it didnt work out so well at all. moving on!












[not included are all of the quotes we later added]
arent we just ridiculous?
we just want to remember every single day that 2012 is our year.
so we made a calendar.

19 February 2012

wise men say...only fools rush in

please tell me your are all this dumb in "love"

currently: smitten
by a boy who is NOT the same boy i've been smitten with for the past, oh i dont know, YEAR. i can't understand how my feelings can just make a 180 like that so fast, but hey. they did.

definitely feeling lauren on this one

maybe it's just a phase.

16 February 2012

What I did while you were all loving up on your Valentines

I adored everyone's Valentines Day posts, btw.
Real life love stories :)

It was a pretty good day for me too, we had a series of chick flicks at my house and ate all the candy our little hearts could desire.
Valentines Day, 17 Again, Sweet Home Alabama, Leap Year...

Every female role in all of those movies is so chic and I had never noticed before! I especially had my eye on Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama, and Amy Adams in leap year:

I was tipping my hat to whoever picked Amy's shoes for that movie the entire time.
Actually, her whole wardrobe.
It makes me really happy to interpret an outfit I see on polyvore and just look at it and imagine me wearing it haha.
Leap Year

Leap Year by laynahrose

Pretty sure they have a term for that:
Closet envy.

12 February 2012

more birthday posts.

lots of february birthdays in my family.
7 in the first 2 weeks.
i am most definitely not going to dedicate a whole post to all of them, its just that...i'm kind of impressed that my parents put up with me all the way through highschool without strangling me.
round of applause to them.


this is my sweet sweet mother.

her birthday is tomorow.
and i just don't have words for all that she has given me.
i didn't deserve to have her fight for me like she has from day one.

she will always be the first one there to cheer me on, whether i'm wanting to be a super model, a photographer, a pastry chef, a blogger, or a nurse. she is behind me 100% and probably gets more excited about my dreams than i do....although i am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing when she does nothing to discourage me from having the BIGGEST girl crush on a boy who doesnt know that i kind of have our whole wedding planned out.

vintage photo shoot she shot for me just because.

a very happy birthday to the one who made me who i am.

thank you for passing along to me your sky-watching ways/your love of cupcakes and photography.

and while i am at it, i must also wish a very happy early birthday to our valentine:

jacob lawrence,
13 years old on the 14th of february.
freaking cutie.

11 February 2012

hear me roar.

Question: before I start my long, drawn out, sit you on the edge of your seat story...
Would you link up with my if I had  "Hey, it's Okay! Tuesdays" ?
I really want to make it a weekly thing.
Because I'm telling you...THAT felt good to write.
I want you all to try it.
Meet me at Laynah's Corner on Tuesday?
hear me roar

hear me roar by laynahrose

{My hear me roar story has been making me crave animal print...also, the fact that animal print is so dang fabulous has been making me crave animal print}

The other day, I had class from 8am to 10pm. With one or two study breaks, a lunch break, and a gelatto break thrown in there.
I was really kind of tired by the time I started on my way home.
Also, I am really kind of poor.
But I got this feeling...
Hm, I don't exactly know how much money is on my card, so maybe I should just try it and see how much gas I can buy.
As I pull into the gas station however, the bright lights helped me realize that my car was steaming. Bad. After getting gas (yay) and letting my car cool off for quiite a while, I parked in a brightly lit spot in full view of God and everyone so I wouldn't get murdered, and checked it out.

My daggum radiator hose had been spitting anti-freeze onto almost everything under my hood out of this little annoying hole...but I was so impressed that I knew that.
And even though my house was still 45 minutes away and I had to do laundry and take a shower so I could wake up at 5 the next morning to go to work...I started laughing.
I laughed and laughed and laughed.

About a million men (15 maybe) were going about their business, watching this crazy girl looking under the hood of her steaming vehicle and laughing like a maniac to herself without bothering to help. And the more I laughed the crazier I looked...and the more I laughed. But anyways, I bought some electrical tape and fixed it up quite nicely and was very tired the next day.

Sometimes I think just maybe, I can handle being a grown up.
Life is tough but so am I.


07 February 2012

This is the post where I show you my dance-battling skills.

When you live in California, sometimes you get invited to pool parties in February.

When you're Laynah Rose you have to go even if you worked that day.

And when you're the MVP (most valuable partier) you don't decline invitations to dance battles.

"host with the most"

With our bro tips.
(mine says: don't be so reserved. she isn't going to flirt with a brick wall all night)

School has started since then.
First day and I'm allready sure it will be the death of me.
But it's been fun to relive my last night of freedom through pictures and video.
How about another calendar teaser picture?
That's also sure to lift my spirits.

which I just CAN'T wait for...
assuming I survive this semester.

04 February 2012

how NOT to be dignified.

part one.
Half way before your shift is over, nearly die from a nutella craving. Think of nothing else until you clock out. Rush to the store, ask the first employee you see "Do you sell nutella in this place?" and calmly find your way over to the nutella. Go to check out.

And be sooo tempted to open it.
But you wont. Because you havent paid for it yet.
Okay, you can open it, but just to smell it.
Okay, you can taste it, but just a little bit.

Kind of wonder what kind of animal you must look like eating nutella by the fingerful waiting in line to check out. Consider blaming it on a pregnancy craving.

part two.
dress up like some kind of fool with your friend.
go somewhere public and prance around looking at engagemet rings.
you know. because you can.
ask a lady in a cupcake shop if you can take pictures on her bridal consultation couch.

sooo yeah.
i feel like i haven't been the most mature person lately.
but you know...i'm to immature to care.

02 February 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


1. when you look like a crazy fool running around to different places in different outfits trying to shoot  a calendar.

2. when you are paying for gas and forget what pump you were at, so you take a step to the side to look out the window and see, when the man behind you steps up to the counter like it's his turn when you are obviously not done paying...making it necessary to reach over the candy and stuff to continue the transaction.

3. when you forget every single bit of manners you ever learned because you are cold and hungry and tired and SO annoyed that your car is breaking again.

4. when your ovaries forget their job for six months and it seems oddly frequent when you go back to the whole once a month thing.


1. when kids are shy around you at first, and within 15 minutes are sitting on your lap giving you butterfly kisses/wanting to hold your hand. what if we were all that open with how we felt about people? haha.

2. the cutest little cookie cards from mrs. fields that i got daddy for his birthday.

3. the best cheesecake cupcakes that Florian, from cupcake wars, ever had are close to home and readily available.

4. the way hockey sounds with the skates carving through the ice and the puck plinking accross the...field? arena? also, the way it makes football look like a sissy sport.

01 February 2012

father of mine.

happy happy birthday to the best man i know.
literally the smartest person i have ever met,
the person that i butt heads with more than anyone,
and the person that i love with every single ounce of love that my heart can hold.

the man who took me to my first concert and stood right by me in that dancing crowd the whole time on one leg because his right foot was broken.
the man whose very worst fear continues to be boys that i may have recently taken a liking to.
the man who probably didn't know what he was in for when he married my mom, with her little terror of a daughter, and took me as his own.

the man who, along with his family, became the living breathing proof that God loves me.

i'll NEVER stop being thankful for the day we went from "something's missing to a family."

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