02 February 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


1. when you look like a crazy fool running around to different places in different outfits trying to shoot  a calendar.

2. when you are paying for gas and forget what pump you were at, so you take a step to the side to look out the window and see, when the man behind you steps up to the counter like it's his turn when you are obviously not done paying...making it necessary to reach over the candy and stuff to continue the transaction.

3. when you forget every single bit of manners you ever learned because you are cold and hungry and tired and SO annoyed that your car is breaking again.

4. when your ovaries forget their job for six months and it seems oddly frequent when you go back to the whole once a month thing.


1. when kids are shy around you at first, and within 15 minutes are sitting on your lap giving you butterfly kisses/wanting to hold your hand. what if we were all that open with how we felt about people? haha.

2. the cutest little cookie cards from mrs. fields that i got daddy for his birthday.

3. the best cheesecake cupcakes that Florian, from cupcake wars, ever had are close to home and readily available.

4. the way hockey sounds with the skates carving through the ice and the puck plinking accross the...field? arena? also, the way it makes football look like a sissy sport.


Lauren said...

I think it's just "rink" in hockey... Not sure?

I always forget what pump I'm at unless I pay AT the pump.

Lena said...

I'm obsessed with cookie cake. AH..a personal sized one?!??! Too awesome.

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