11 February 2012

hear me roar.

Question: before I start my long, drawn out, sit you on the edge of your seat story...
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hear me roar

hear me roar by laynahrose

{My hear me roar story has been making me crave animal print...also, the fact that animal print is so dang fabulous has been making me crave animal print}

The other day, I had class from 8am to 10pm. With one or two study breaks, a lunch break, and a gelatto break thrown in there.
I was really kind of tired by the time I started on my way home.
Also, I am really kind of poor.
But I got this feeling...
Hm, I don't exactly know how much money is on my card, so maybe I should just try it and see how much gas I can buy.
As I pull into the gas station however, the bright lights helped me realize that my car was steaming. Bad. After getting gas (yay) and letting my car cool off for quiite a while, I parked in a brightly lit spot in full view of God and everyone so I wouldn't get murdered, and checked it out.

My daggum radiator hose had been spitting anti-freeze onto almost everything under my hood out of this little annoying hole...but I was so impressed that I knew that.
And even though my house was still 45 minutes away and I had to do laundry and take a shower so I could wake up at 5 the next morning to go to work...I started laughing.
I laughed and laughed and laughed.

About a million men (15 maybe) were going about their business, watching this crazy girl looking under the hood of her steaming vehicle and laughing like a maniac to herself without bothering to help. And the more I laughed the crazier I looked...and the more I laughed. But anyways, I bought some electrical tape and fixed it up quite nicely and was very tired the next day.

Sometimes I think just maybe, I can handle being a grown up.
Life is tough but so am I.



Bree said...

Nicely done laynah. I probably would have cried, let's be honest. I need to stop worrying so much.

Denise said...

You go girl! Isn't it nice when men DON'T stop and help a poor girl? I mean come on guys!

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