21 February 2012

i haven't pinned in a long time.

which is simply a shame.
i forgot how useful pinterest was...

for having fabulous easters.

for pondering.

for closet-envying.
[i'm still craving leopard]

for admiring.

for drooling.

for laughing.
[i feel like this picture would be perfect if there was an arrow pointing to that jumbled mess and saying "you are here"]

and for wasting 80% of your day!


Sara Shoemaker said...

Pinterest is seriously the worst time waster! or should I say best..? all these are pretty pins, that one about success is hilarious.

The House of Shoes

Christi Lynn said...

i want to try those eggs! they are so cute huh?!

MelissMichelle said...

Popcorn cake!!! That's awesome. Cute blog :) -Melissa

Caitlin C. said...

Popcorn cake?! How simply AMAZING is that! Oh, how I love thee, Pinterest.

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