12 February 2012

more birthday posts.

lots of february birthdays in my family.
7 in the first 2 weeks.
i am most definitely not going to dedicate a whole post to all of them, its just that...i'm kind of impressed that my parents put up with me all the way through highschool without strangling me.
round of applause to them.


this is my sweet sweet mother.

her birthday is tomorow.
and i just don't have words for all that she has given me.
i didn't deserve to have her fight for me like she has from day one.

she will always be the first one there to cheer me on, whether i'm wanting to be a super model, a photographer, a pastry chef, a blogger, or a nurse. she is behind me 100% and probably gets more excited about my dreams than i do....although i am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing when she does nothing to discourage me from having the BIGGEST girl crush on a boy who doesnt know that i kind of have our whole wedding planned out.

vintage photo shoot she shot for me just because.

a very happy birthday to the one who made me who i am.

thank you for passing along to me your sky-watching ways/your love of cupcakes and photography.

and while i am at it, i must also wish a very happy early birthday to our valentine:

jacob lawrence,
13 years old on the 14th of february.
freaking cutie.


Veronica said...

aww happy birthday to your family!! My little sister and brother turn 5 on the 15th!!

But Yes, I am pretty excited about my new news! :) who knows when he will pop the question, but at least i know its on his radar!


Denise said...

What a great month for birthdays (mine is this month too).
Happy birthday to your family :)

Lena said...

Oh my. That picture of the sunset..did your mom take that?!!? It's amazing.

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