07 February 2012

This is the post where I show you my dance-battling skills.

When you live in California, sometimes you get invited to pool parties in February.

When you're Laynah Rose you have to go even if you worked that day.

And when you're the MVP (most valuable partier) you don't decline invitations to dance battles.

"host with the most"

With our bro tips.
(mine says: don't be so reserved. she isn't going to flirt with a brick wall all night)

School has started since then.
First day and I'm allready sure it will be the death of me.
But it's been fun to relive my last night of freedom through pictures and video.
How about another calendar teaser picture?
That's also sure to lift my spirits.

which I just CAN'T wait for...
assuming I survive this semester.


Chelsea said...

Uh, how do you be so cute? Seriously. I need an answer.

Also. You've probably already answered this somewhere, but what are you studying in school? Nursing?

Elsha.Rae said...

july is hands down one of my favorite months... cant wait for summer!

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