16 February 2012

What I did while you were all loving up on your Valentines

I adored everyone's Valentines Day posts, btw.
Real life love stories :)

It was a pretty good day for me too, we had a series of chick flicks at my house and ate all the candy our little hearts could desire.
Valentines Day, 17 Again, Sweet Home Alabama, Leap Year...

Every female role in all of those movies is so chic and I had never noticed before! I especially had my eye on Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama, and Amy Adams in leap year:

I was tipping my hat to whoever picked Amy's shoes for that movie the entire time.
Actually, her whole wardrobe.
It makes me really happy to interpret an outfit I see on polyvore and just look at it and imagine me wearing it haha.
Leap Year

Leap Year by laynahrose

Pretty sure they have a term for that:
Closet envy.


Stephanie said...

I would give anything to have Amy's wardrobe in Leap Year. It was perfection!

Lauren said...

I wish I lived in a movie just for the wardrobe!

Courtney B said...

I wish I could've come watched chick flicks! I love me some girly movies!

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