27 March 2012


my mother is very annoyed with this whole hiatus business. so i'm putting it on pause, just for today.

lets see, what have you missed..?

best friend had her delicious baby boy,
jakob with a k.
six pounds, st patricks day, 10:15 pm.

speaking of st patricks day.
how wonderful are minty colors?
i went thrift store shopping, just to go!
for my first time ever.
i feel like i could write a whole post just on how awkward it was looking through all that pre-worn clothing, wondering who in the world wore THAT, and marveling at how some people find amazing things at thrift stores. the mall is definitely more in my comfort zone.

then i found some mint colored jeans.
light. bulb.

some broad collided with my vehicle ("it was the wind"), nearly knocking off my passenger side mirror, causing it to dangle off by nothing but the internal wiring. this earned my car the nickname "nearly mirrorless" as in nearly headless nick.

i'm craving a big fat tote bag.
that can fit all my loose papers and junk.
(mayybe not quite as big as this one though)

me and my mom found the most fantastic healthy detox diet. used by hospitals for overweight cardiac patients going into surgery.
guess who got a solid B on her first microbiology test?

when we ride in his truck, i sit in the middle.
we like bench seats.
and each other.
a lot.

back to the old grind :)
see you this summer!

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