31 May 2012

16 weeks.

This semester is over.
So maybe I can have my brain back now.

And clean my room....

Wash my car...

Shave my legs...

Remind my friends that I exist...

Plan a wedding...

You know, everything I haven't gotten around to in the past 16 weeks.
[The 16 weeks that changed my life]

28 May 2012

Thanks but no thanks, PINTEREST!

I've been pinning wedding and engagement junk for who knows how long...but now that my engagement photo session is less than a week away I STILL have no idea what to wear. I guess I thought this would automatically be easier for me since I've looked at about a thousand engagement shots, but we can't just channel another couple, and it's up to me to figure out something that's "us!"


At least we know where the engagements will be. We went on wednesday last week to check out a lake that we'd like to shoot the casual part of our session and it felt good to have at least one thing decided.


Had a little fun along the way of course



Then I talked to my photographer and sometimes I wonder if that guy can read minds, because he knows EXACTLY what I want. I admitted that I was stressing about what we'll wear and we decided jeans and tee kinda casual, with no neutrals allowed so we can stand out.
Then I bought these for Matt.

(The shirt on the left is yellow. I promise)

But four 12 hour shifts later I'm not sure if I even like them anymore.
And I'm still lost as to what I'm going to wear.
And as I'm writing this I'm trying to ignore the two finals I have on wednesday/the mutant pile of laundry in my room.

All I have to say, is thank goodness for Memorial Day Weekends.
Enjoy your barbeques, lovelies.

22 May 2012

A day in the Mountains

[hello, good hair day]

My bestfriend came over Saturday,
and we had a mini roadtrip to visit some family!

Good thing my daddy had just recently bought me my very first smart phone (to make me feel better after my car got stolen) and we were able to use it's navigation system after Matthew's GPS started giving us wacko directions at the halfway point.

Shortly following that, our sense of adventure lured us to some sketchy sushi place where we tried to stick to the safest thing on the menu...right before we headed up the windy mountain road to Crestline. Needless to say, we were happy to get there, haha.

And well, the day was so pretty, we couldn't get away.

So after we had our visit, we hopped over to Wrightwood and visited even more of my family.
I should have taken pictures on our walk downtown because it was fairy tale pretty. I did, however, manage to get a picture of the masterpiece my cousin sketched for us.

Speaking of pictures!

We talked to our photographer about the engagement shoot.
Pretty sure it will be  e p i c.

Oh and also speaking of pictures,
instagram is pretty cool.
[yay smartphones]

20 May 2012

Let's talk about Wedding Colors

Everyone thinks I'm a maniac whenever I voice out loud the wedding colors I chose (even from my mom, who is so excited about this whole thing she'd probably jump on board with nearly anything). But what they don't understand, is that although these seem like an unlikely color combination, the contrast is exactly what makes them beautiful. The wedding pictures will practically jump out at you when its all said and done.

Besides that, they make magnificent fall colors for my autumn wedding.
To prove it, I've compiled a series of images to show you what I'm going for.


This top is exactly the shade I like.

1 / 2
So this arrangement would be perfect if it were a little darker.


1 / 2


1 / 2

because you need a neutral in there too.

1 / 2

If there are still any naysayers out there that doubt these will look good together, 
they will just have to wait for the wedding, wont they?

19 May 2012

Let's all pool our money together and buy me a new car.

Yeah, funny story:

So without further adieu
I dedicate this post to my first car.

Thank you for all the good times.
I'll never forget that one time I got pulled over for the first time ever while wearing cannibal makeup.

What seems to be the problem, officer?

 And that one time we rushed to go see KE$HA right after class. I applied my blue lipstcik while driving, and we magically made it in time. We also got pulled over for the second time that night.

Your interior was forever glittered from that point on.

Thank you for all those times you got me safely to and from various shenanigans after work that I was probably too tired to be going to in the first place.

Sorry for laughing at you that one time I got you stuck in the sand and those crazy people tried to ram you with their truck to get you out...and also that one time some lady broke your dang mirror and tried to blame it on the wind.
Those were pretty funny though.

You watched me grow up, in that drivers seat.
You've seen me breakdown and cry multiple times.
You've heard many behind-the-wheel prayers.
And you never told anyone how many times we've gotten lost together.
My point here is, it's been real.
I hope the guy that stole you finds out that you don't have an air conditioner by passing out from heatstroke in the middle of a hot hot day.

15 May 2012

Never forgetting yesterday.

It will go down in history as the day that my hunch was confirmed about Matthew caring more about wedding and reception decor than he's been leading on. The whole time I was in class, he was at home trying not to panic because he was convinced I wanted huge stumps and pickle jars for my centerpieces.

I was actually thinking something more like this:

or this

Problem is, his taste isn't really rustic.
And...he saw my uncle post picture on my moms facebook:
True: My uncle would cut whatever I come up with.
True: My mom liked this picture on facebook.
False: I am putting huge stumps on every table.

So I went over to his house and had an intervention.
Afterwards, me and my future siblings in law laughed and my future father in law said things like "Whats wrong with stumps and pickle jars anyways?? / If that's what Laynah wants, that's what we're doing."

So anyways. That was our first almost-fight.
First of many, probably.

I'm obsessed with the way both of us were successful in keeping calm while trying to make the other see our point of view. And I'm kind of obsessed with him, and how he is everything I've ever wanted. And how I am exactly who I want to be when I'm with him.

08 May 2012


Less than 3 months into dating, the boyfriend spent 10 hours in Los Angeles creating a truly flawless ring for his future bride, and since then he's been trying to wait for the perfect moment to put it on my finger! Except that perfect moment didn't come.

So during one stressful (makeup-less!) monday, involving two bouts of angry tears from yours truly, one AAA truck to bail me out, and one HUGE microbiology project due... Matthew sat quietly beside me with his hand on my knee, occasionaly kissed my temple, drew a heart on my foot, and googled information to help me get done faster.

When I finished (much more quickly with his help) he took me outside and gave me this little speech. Then he got down on one knee and I hid behind my hands, taking an extra long time to register what was happening because I couldn't believe the sudden twist my no-good Monday had just taken.

Girl says yes. Boy gives girl ring. Girl goes to class and grins deliriously for the rest of the evening. Boy and girl go to the gelatto shop where they had their first kiss. Boy and girl live happily ever after.

01 May 2012

lets talk about the hunger games...and a summery scarf

To cut to the chase, these books have made me an emotional wreck. I wasn't prepared for how involved I would become in the story.
Best...worst...best books ever?
I'm reading the second one right now and I don't even want to say how many times it has made me cry allready.

Pretty sure I just need to hurry up and finish so I can have my life back.

Now on to my other new favorite thing.
You know you love a scarf when you wear it even though it's hot as blazes outside.
Some might call this crazy, but I, I just call it love.

Me: I think the universe wants me to wear a brown belt with a gray shirt...
Matt: Well that's weird. You gotta do what the universe wants I guess.
Me: Oh and it also wants me to wear a scarf and a necklace. Together.
Matt: Are you sure? Maybe theres another option there somewhere. You might want to have a talk with the universe because it is going to be HOT today, girl.

Welp, I loved wearing this.
So I don't think the universe did half bad in the end.
But really, how can you go wrong with minty jeans and that scarf?
and these flowers?

and these cupcakes?
Trendy dessert.
That's what I leave you with,
till next time.

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