19 May 2012

Let's all pool our money together and buy me a new car.

Yeah, funny story:

So without further adieu
I dedicate this post to my first car.

Thank you for all the good times.
I'll never forget that one time I got pulled over for the first time ever while wearing cannibal makeup.

What seems to be the problem, officer?

 And that one time we rushed to go see KE$HA right after class. I applied my blue lipstcik while driving, and we magically made it in time. We also got pulled over for the second time that night.

Your interior was forever glittered from that point on.

Thank you for all those times you got me safely to and from various shenanigans after work that I was probably too tired to be going to in the first place.

Sorry for laughing at you that one time I got you stuck in the sand and those crazy people tried to ram you with their truck to get you out...and also that one time some lady broke your dang mirror and tried to blame it on the wind.
Those were pretty funny though.

You watched me grow up, in that drivers seat.
You've seen me breakdown and cry multiple times.
You've heard many behind-the-wheel prayers.
And you never told anyone how many times we've gotten lost together.
My point here is, it's been real.
I hope the guy that stole you finds out that you don't have an air conditioner by passing out from heatstroke in the middle of a hot hot day.


KendraKlingler27 said...

And remember that one time when someone broke your car window. lol oh boy!! <3

LaynahRose said...

Oh my gosh, how did I forget to mention that?? haha

Fealyclan said...

I hope they did realize your air was broken by passing out from heat exhaustion too! bwahaha...dang rotten thief!

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