20 June 2012

Camping with littles.

Time with my little cousins (or any of my family) has become increasingly rare over the past few years, but we went on a big fat family camping trip last week and I got to catch up with some of my favorite people on top of a mountain. We drank it up and had a lot of fun running around and wearing ourselves out.
(Yes I live in California. No my legs don't see much sun.)

I could load this post up with some of the cutest quotes you ever heard. One of my favorites being from the three year old (holding my hand in the picture below) who just sat and smiled politely while I was showing all the little girls my wedding dress...and when I asked her if she liked it she said "Yes. I picked it, because it's so pretty." Nobody can tell her that she did not, in fact, pick out my dress.

I love that they tell me I'm the funnest grown up ever.
Enough to not mind the cheesy cheeto hand prints all over my bathing suit.

Enough to let them sleep in my tent with me even though I know full well that they will wake me up in the middle of the night to pee...resulting in bruises on my hips from carrying terrified children almost as big as I am accross two campsites, in the dark, with no contacts on.


Gosh our planet is pretty...

Well there was one catch.
Okay, two.

1.) I almost died without my fiance. It was kind of pathetic how I would huddle in a corner at the general store and talk to Matthew for two minutes once I found that was the one place that got reception, haha.

2.) We saw a lot of wild life. Enough to make me wonder about all the little noises going on outside my tent at night.

Besides that, it was truly wonderful.
I can't tell you how happy I am that it is finally summer time.

Next up: family reunion in Utah with the in-laws

13 June 2012

Been Instagramming...

>> laynahrose <<
thats my instagram name.
& this is what i've been up to:

admiring my pretty desert.

falling in love with a cute stray.
(yes, we found the owner.)

thinking of fall flowers I like.

taking the liberty of replacing vases with pee cups, when the flowers go half dead in the hospital.
(That vase will feel much more comfortable on a table at my reception, I'm sure of it.)

eating LOTS of watermelon froyo. 

chowing down at in n out!

marveling at how weak my nails used to be before I started using thickening/lengthening polish. See them growing in nicer?!

and finally, covering up the ugliness with pretty colors.
That essie one is amazeballs.
The revlon one seems watery and requires lots of coats, but I do kind of like the scent after it dries.

08 June 2012

I don't craft often...

...but when I do, people can usually tell that I don't craft often! I've been putting off asking my maids to be my maids because I wanted to be cute about it. So I came up with this idea thursday and have been working nonstop ever since.

Basically, I spent half a thousand hours making half a thousand little pages to be turned into five tiny books. Now...my nana is pretty much a paper professional and I was hoping some of that might rub off on me, but this took FOREVER because I was struggling to even cut a straight line!

Then I attatched the little pages together with pretty turquoise brads so they can swivel open.

(Three of these in the below picture are for decoration and the one in the top left corner is the one holding them together.) I put the little books in little envelopes with the girls' names...

Then I put those little envelops into little homemade envelopes I then wrapped with twine.

Then I put those little envelops into blue envelopes - which wasn't an easy task I tell you!

 Those babies are stuffed full...with love :)

07 June 2012


This post is not in chronological order (:


Right now, I am taking a bloggie break from making cute little books that I'll mail out to my maids (asking if they'll even BE my maids). I adore them. If only this picture did them justice...

I went to toys-R-us hobby lobby (for the first time ever) today. Spent 4 hours in there. Most of that time was spent pacing the paper aisle.


Matthew and I took a group picture without the group's consent or knowledge.

Silly fiance.
He met up with us after dress shopping and tried his best to replace the "duck face." He claims that this is the "owl face." Okay, aand let's take a moment to gawk over my GORGEOUS future sister.

Dress picking with mommy, future M.I.L, and future S.I.L was the best ever! Pretty sure that posting a picture of it on the internet is breaking all sorts of wedding rules...but um I don't know if anyone actually reads my blog. Haha, and wellll, it's all I can do to not blow up an entire post with pictures of it!

Also picked out my maid's dresses!
This little beauty, in teal.
The back is lace up like mine.

Self portrait brought to you by the cellular phone, bright and early Wednesday morning!

03 June 2012

Couple Teasers

You know how I was stressing out over what to wear?
Guess when I finally decided?
30 minutes before we started shooting.

But once we started, it was the MOST. FUN. EVER.
"Allright, stand next to the love of your life and smile and hold him and kiss eachother." Like thats a hard job.

Nothing went as planned,
but it was perfect.
We accidently skipped one of the places we had planned on taking pictures, but that allowed us to have a lunch break and shoot at a couple other spontaneous spots we hadn't even thought of. Like the cupcake shop! All I needed was a few cupcakes before they closed, but I learned that if you take a photographer into a bakery with your fiance...he will make a photoshoot out of it.

So perfect.
So fun.

And have you ever seen a more gorgeous ring shot??

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