07 June 2012


This post is not in chronological order (:


Right now, I am taking a bloggie break from making cute little books that I'll mail out to my maids (asking if they'll even BE my maids). I adore them. If only this picture did them justice...

I went to toys-R-us hobby lobby (for the first time ever) today. Spent 4 hours in there. Most of that time was spent pacing the paper aisle.


Matthew and I took a group picture without the group's consent or knowledge.

Silly fiance.
He met up with us after dress shopping and tried his best to replace the "duck face." He claims that this is the "owl face." Okay, aand let's take a moment to gawk over my GORGEOUS future sister.

Dress picking with mommy, future M.I.L, and future S.I.L was the best ever! Pretty sure that posting a picture of it on the internet is breaking all sorts of wedding rules...but um I don't know if anyone actually reads my blog. Haha, and wellll, it's all I can do to not blow up an entire post with pictures of it!

Also picked out my maid's dresses!
This little beauty, in teal.
The back is lace up like mine.

Self portrait brought to you by the cellular phone, bright and early Wednesday morning!


{head 2 toe} said...

Don't worry about rules, it's YOUR day! I texted a pic of my dress to my hubby and he saw me at my 2nd fitting. We're still going strong :)

LaynahRose said...

That actually makes me feel better haha. My father in law went with my mother in law to go dress shopping! So I guess its okay to make your own rules :)

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