12 July 2012

Accidently craving a baby.

Which is indeed a problem!
Seeing as how I'm not even married yet, and I reaaaalllyyy would like to enjoy being married alone for as long as possible before babycakes comes along. Oops.
If it wasn't for all of these darn cute baby bump pictures floating around blogland! Haha. I totally have a plan though. If Matthew and I don't kill our first plant, we have decided to get a hairless cat and name it Pooter for our first pet. Which I will adorn with sweaters and buy a heat pad so it doesnt freeze to death.

We really are naming it Pooter, btw.
Did you know that cats excrete oils which are usually soaked up by their hair and I'll have to wipe Pooter down with a soapy wet washcloth every day so she doesnt ruin the furniture she lays on? 
Totally worth it, if you ask me.

But anyways, finding super cute baby prints on Etsy probably doesnt help my baby fever. Don't tell me that this super sweet print from >>> here <<< doesn't remind you of that scene from Dumbo that always makes me tear up.

Oh, and one random thing.
I recently found out that mormons are allowed to drink herbal tea!
Which is great, because I also recently found out that I really enjoy herbal tea.

I'm so bad at drinking water.
And herbal tea is pretty much just warm water with seasonings. It is the second MOST hydrating beverage behind water, and regular tea (along with coffee) is the second LEAST hydrating beverage behind alcohol. Regular tea (that contains tea leaves) and coffee contain some kind of toxin (called purins I think?) that your body must dilute greatly to be able to excrete, wasting a large quantity of water in the process.

Check how healthy the ingredients list is for this recipe of grapefruit herbal tea. 

Anyways, who wants to hear about my life now?
I recently went to Utah for my fiance's family reunion.
Which is weird, because they're about to be MY family.
It's official, because I even took my first family photos with them:

It's great, because they all still think I'm this wonderful, beautiful new person coming into their lives. Ha. Just wait until they find out how much trouble I can be! We had a great time there though. My favorite part was riding around the pretty mountain in an ATV with my love.

 He even stopped in all the right places to let me take pictures. Gorgeous.

Wedding plans are going great, this girl is getting more and more excited over here!
Goodbye for now :)


Fealyclan said...

Well that was quite the update! haha. You have always been and will always be the most random person I know! I LOVE YOU!!

Fealyclan said...

OH...and btw...please don't get that hideous cat! lol

Courtney Ash said...

OMG this post just made me LOL! Pooter is going to be the cutest oily cat in the world! Im curing my urge for something to be 'mine' by getting a baby puppy! So I'm right in that boat with you girlie lol

Kristi said...

I'm sorry, but that cat is NASTY!! And it's greasy? Ugh...I just got the chills.

Forever in Pearls said...

OMG! I really want a hairless cat too! I'm still trying to convince my boyfriend that we need one, but I think he's slowly coming around. I even have some names picked out: Batboy or Sir Fluffypants. People give me some weird looks when I tell them I want one, but I just think they're so ugly they're cute. (If that makes sense.)Love your blog!

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