05 July 2012

Better than Scrapbooking. Oh and have you seen Katy's movie?

I am the lamest blogger.
I'm kinda bad at writing in my journal too.
All signs point AWAY from scrap-booking for me.
But I don't know what it is about life that makes me want to document it and wrap it all up in pictures and captions and not forget one single detail. For me, blogging helps a lot and I love being able to go back and relive my memories. Even if I don't write EVERY detail down, I remember them all as I reread a post.

But I'm getting married in the fall.
One day I'm gonna have a baby and a family and I'm gonna need to dedicate my life to making picture albums and baby books (I'll have to, with the amount of pictures I take). That is...until I found this awesome website that helps you make a yearbook style family album! It's probably more expensive but the fact that it doesn't make a mess and it's so easy to use makes it worth it to me.

As you can see, it goes from last summer till next winter. 
So I have that whole time to update and do a page or so at a time so it isn't overwhelming!
Yay for being lazy!

And also, yay for Katy Perry's movie.
 I'm going on a girl date tomorow and we're gonna go see it!

Would you judge me if I told you I was going to wear something like this?

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Joanna said...

Thanks for sharing yourself with us through your fun blog, Laynah. I enjoy reading whatever you post. I also have a hard time keeping a regular blogging schedule and updating my photo albums at home but I'm sure the same thing gets in my way of blogging as it does yours...life. It's nice to document it but it's nicer to live it.

If you wore that to the movie, that would be so cute! LOVE that skirt and the Naked Palette is the best around!

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