24 July 2012

I havent done any awkward/awesomes lately

But don't let that fool you.
Those moments are still happening.
Serious emphasis on the awkward.

A - I get food stuck in my teeth.
B - Forget to wear my bra to work.
C - Get swung at by strangers occasionaly.
D - Father in law admits he reads my blog.
E - Everyone thinks is okay to casually discuss my acne.
F - I've started playing matchmaker.
G - Realized my baby brainstorming is at an all time level of ridiculous when I found myself thinking of names while watching the Batman movie.
Generally speaking, Im just the most awkward person alive.

So anyways, Chloe and her sister and I decided to go to see Katy Perry. Not in 3D, because what's the point, its a documentary? So we saw it. The day AFTER the premiere. At elleven in the morning. In vague Katy-esque outfits.

Oh and to top it off, we arrived late.
How's that for awkward?

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