30 August 2012

Breaking in the Ovenware

Mother in law gave me this set of ovenware that she never uses. They are perfectly happy and colorful and were just waiting to be used. They also come with lids and little metal carriers!
This picture is a little awkward.
They arent really that yellow...I was trying to lighten up the background so you can see how pretty the dish is aaand ended up making the lemon bars look toxic :) Nbd.
They didn't turn out perfect (I think I put too much lemon in them) but they were the very first thing I've ever made completely from scratch!
First I got kind of upset that I didn't have any lemon cake mix.
But then I just made some.
After you add your butter and egg to that, it turns in to the crust.
The recipe says to add the cream cheese filling, then bake, but if I had to make them again I would bake just the crust for a few minutes before adding anything else to see if it would end up a little crunchier.
Frosting...best part!
And there you have it!
They look a little more saggy than they're supposed to be (to me) but they tasted soo good. My lemony, cream cheesy fix.
In other news:
Once our background check clears, we will be the brand new owners of an apartment, and will officially have drawers and cupboards to PUT my pretty ovenware in :)

29 August 2012

I have a lot of growing up to do.

I realised that the other day.
In my fort.
paha just kidding.

happy/crappy/mandatory good-hair-day selfie.
Just dropping in to say hellooo.
Today will find me running around doing all kinds of grown up-ish things. That I am super excited about.
I'm gonna wake up, and it's gonna be like:
First up is apartment scoping.
Matthew texted me today and was all "I found the perfect apartment for us and I'm applying right now. Trust me?" There was a little hesitation there but after he told me more about it, I am so on board. Even though I'm still trying to come to terms with the fact that I won't be living with my parents anymore...
After that: Dress fittings!
For my girls.
I'm actually more nervous about this than looking at the apartment. I kind of hope the color of the dresses are the same color as that tiny color swatch I picked out of a million others a couple months ago. Also, those dang things better fit!
But even if they don't, I don't think I care anymore!
My reception has pretty much come to this:
At the end of the day, I'll be married to the one man on this whole entire planet that can put up with me by the end of October 12 and if my bridesmaids dresses don't match anything else, then so be it.
The first three or four months of my engagement have simply turned out to be one huge menstrual cycle and I'm sick of obsessing over the details of this big, expensive party that I have to throw because I fell in love. At this point, I figure mismatch can be my theme. Lately I've been looking at the big picture and have found myself less and less interested in my wedding day details, and more and more interested in the rest of my life with the one man who is good for me in every sense. I'm sooo excited to move in, and decorate, and cook, and wake up every morning, and travel with him! Starting with checking out our maybe apartment today.

27 August 2012

How to have a wonderful Bridal Shower:

1. Get yourself a fantastic maid of honor to worry about every single detail for you. (Bonus: Make sure she also has a fantastic mother)
2. Lots of sugar.

3. Have the best friends and family in the world.

4. Play silly games.

5. Have bridesmaids on either side of you while opening presents...one to catch tissue paper and one to help you remember who gave you what.

It was the most perfect day.
And I have a whole room full of more presents than I would have ever expected to prove it.

22 August 2012

Run, run, runaway

When I first started dating Matthew, nobody approved.
Except for me and Matthew.
My parents thought I was an idiot for deciding to have a boyfriend at the very beginning of a hard semester, and all my friends knew about him was what they had been told over the years. One of my friends even went to such lengths as to post this video on my facebook wall with the words "only because I love you."
Well yesterday I took her advice and ran away...but I took him with me.
We had lots of grown up things to get done, and it was a very inconvenient day to do anything except talk on the phone, but I was craving a hotdog from pinks. So the second my love got off of work we ran away to have dinner there.
 We came prepared wearing hats because we expected to be standing out in the sun in that line for at least an hour...but we experienced nothing short of a 4 month early Christmas miracle.
It was maybe ten minutes long.

 Worth it.

 Then since we had all this extra time we took a walk around Universal City Walk for a while.

$25,000 jelly bean Marilyn anyone?


14 August 2012

One sweet moment

 I have this mentally disabled friend.

Last week my love and I spent over an hour with him while we drove him home from the conference. Let me tell you...it was thoroughly entertaining for everyone involved. That guy is a CRACK up and I'm pretty funny too haha. (He told me we needed needed our own TV show)

At one point I turned around to the back seat and asked "Rufus, did you know that Matthew and I are so in love?" He answered quickly "Yes." I was kind of surprised at how quick and sure his answer was so I asked another question... "How?" Again he took no time to think about the answer, and said he could tell by the way we looked at eachother. He said he was good at reading facial expressions since he practices sign language with his deaf parents and friends. And I just thought it was the sweetest thing anyone has ever told us. 

It's true.
We're in love.

13 August 2012

First and Last Conference

This past weekend my honey and I went to a young single adult conference in Los Angeles. (No...we arent single...but we aren't married) We were advised to go because all of the messages were aimed at people in our age group.
You gotta love mass gatherings with people your same age, with your same standards, and your same beliefs. There's something powerful about coming together.

And oh my word did we come together.
The church building was actually two buildings squished together into one super building. I took the above picture an hour before Sunday church...it looks just like your typical stake conference set up...except there was a whole other chapel set up just like this.
That is a lot of twenty somethings!

I loved all of the outfits that I blogged about earlier.
My phone was dead 90% of the time so there aren't really any pictures, but this is a couple I took of my ribbon belt and my eyeball.

(I  had a lot of time to spend on my makeup since I was the only girl that didn't try straighten her hair in the insane humidity.)

In addition to being strengthened spiritually, we climbed trees, ate lots of not so great food, snuck off to the beach in between meetings, became slaves to the humidity, and watched UP under the stars.

Oh aaand every night we stayed up till one in the morning laughing hysterically, watching this video on repeat, and throwing ourselves onto the hotel bed "sail cat" style.

04 August 2012

Sticks in the mud!

For months all of my young single adult friends have been eagerly looking forward to an activity. An activity you would have thought a bunch of seven year olds sat around to plan.

This was the game plan:
1. Form a large gathering. Swim.
2. Eat good food.
3. Water balloon fight
4. Play around in a huge pit of mud.
5. Dance to dry off.

The above picture is a couple of my friends telling me that I will make a great old lady one day haha. Everyone was obviously super jealous of my hat.

No really...most of us are 21 or older, lol
Mud didn't stop being cool just because we grew up.

Photography by John Hill

02 August 2012

I tried choosing happiness once.

Last week I was sitting at home planning wedding stuff, and nothing was going right. I was at the mercy of my hormones and at that moment hated everything about my wedding because all it seemed like was a big fat to-do list. So I sat and sulked around in my pajamas all day. Without even brushing my teeth.

When my dad got home from work he and my mom started getting ready for date night... honestly, they had the audacity to go out and have fun instead of listening to me whine all night. I fully intended on continuing to sulk for the rest of the night but for some reason this pin I had seen on pinterest popped into my head. 

When you're having a bad day sometimes all you want to do is lay around and be lazy and miserable. But I had been trying that all day and it hadn't fixed any of my problems. So I took pinterest's advice and tried a different approach. The hardest part was taking a shower and putting some makeup on.

Then I crashed my parents date.
I'm not going to lie, I was still pretty upset.
It didn't magically turn into the best day ever, but it became considerably better.

Oh and then I realized that I've been taking crappy self portraits of myself in that same spot in my house, wearing that same t-shirt for years.

I should get a new purple t-shirt.

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