30 August 2012

Breaking in the Ovenware

Mother in law gave me this set of ovenware that she never uses. They are perfectly happy and colorful and were just waiting to be used. They also come with lids and little metal carriers!
This picture is a little awkward.
They arent really that yellow...I was trying to lighten up the background so you can see how pretty the dish is aaand ended up making the lemon bars look toxic :) Nbd.
They didn't turn out perfect (I think I put too much lemon in them) but they were the very first thing I've ever made completely from scratch!
First I got kind of upset that I didn't have any lemon cake mix.
But then I just made some.
After you add your butter and egg to that, it turns in to the crust.
The recipe says to add the cream cheese filling, then bake, but if I had to make them again I would bake just the crust for a few minutes before adding anything else to see if it would end up a little crunchier.
Frosting...best part!
And there you have it!
They look a little more saggy than they're supposed to be (to me) but they tasted soo good. My lemony, cream cheesy fix.
In other news:
Once our background check clears, we will be the brand new owners of an apartment, and will officially have drawers and cupboards to PUT my pretty ovenware in :)


Jessica said...

your blog is darling & so are you.

Megan said...

These look amazing!! Congrats on the new apartment! That is SO exciting!!

christine donee said...

i've never tried to make these before.. but i'm salivating.

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