13 August 2012

First and Last Conference

This past weekend my honey and I went to a young single adult conference in Los Angeles. (No...we arent single...but we aren't married) We were advised to go because all of the messages were aimed at people in our age group.
You gotta love mass gatherings with people your same age, with your same standards, and your same beliefs. There's something powerful about coming together.

And oh my word did we come together.
The church building was actually two buildings squished together into one super building. I took the above picture an hour before Sunday church...it looks just like your typical stake conference set up...except there was a whole other chapel set up just like this.
That is a lot of twenty somethings!

I loved all of the outfits that I blogged about earlier.
My phone was dead 90% of the time so there aren't really any pictures, but this is a couple I took of my ribbon belt and my eyeball.

(I  had a lot of time to spend on my makeup since I was the only girl that didn't try straighten her hair in the insane humidity.)

In addition to being strengthened spiritually, we climbed trees, ate lots of not so great food, snuck off to the beach in between meetings, became slaves to the humidity, and watched UP under the stars.

Oh aaand every night we stayed up till one in the morning laughing hysterically, watching this video on repeat, and throwing ourselves onto the hotel bed "sail cat" style.

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Sara Shoemaker said...

when is your wedding date again? I remember being engaged it was so fun!! I love weddings. Good luck with your planning! I love gatherings like that, so many great thoughts and talks! your outfit was lovely too by the way :)

clothing giveaway over at The House of Shoes! :)

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