02 August 2012

I tried choosing happiness once.

Last week I was sitting at home planning wedding stuff, and nothing was going right. I was at the mercy of my hormones and at that moment hated everything about my wedding because all it seemed like was a big fat to-do list. So I sat and sulked around in my pajamas all day. Without even brushing my teeth.

When my dad got home from work he and my mom started getting ready for date night... honestly, they had the audacity to go out and have fun instead of listening to me whine all night. I fully intended on continuing to sulk for the rest of the night but for some reason this pin I had seen on pinterest popped into my head. 

When you're having a bad day sometimes all you want to do is lay around and be lazy and miserable. But I had been trying that all day and it hadn't fixed any of my problems. So I took pinterest's advice and tried a different approach. The hardest part was taking a shower and putting some makeup on.

Then I crashed my parents date.
I'm not going to lie, I was still pretty upset.
It didn't magically turn into the best day ever, but it became considerably better.

Oh and then I realized that I've been taking crappy self portraits of myself in that same spot in my house, wearing that same t-shirt for years.

I should get a new purple t-shirt.

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