14 August 2012

One sweet moment

 I have this mentally disabled friend.

Last week my love and I spent over an hour with him while we drove him home from the conference. Let me tell you...it was thoroughly entertaining for everyone involved. That guy is a CRACK up and I'm pretty funny too haha. (He told me we needed needed our own TV show)

At one point I turned around to the back seat and asked "Rufus, did you know that Matthew and I are so in love?" He answered quickly "Yes." I was kind of surprised at how quick and sure his answer was so I asked another question... "How?" Again he took no time to think about the answer, and said he could tell by the way we looked at eachother. He said he was good at reading facial expressions since he practices sign language with his deaf parents and friends. And I just thought it was the sweetest thing anyone has ever told us. 

It's true.
We're in love.


Cassandra said...

Oh my goodness that is so sweet :) Its nice to have good company for long car rides.

Shalyn said...

That is SO cute and you two are SO cute!

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