22 August 2012

Run, run, runaway

When I first started dating Matthew, nobody approved.
Except for me and Matthew.
My parents thought I was an idiot for deciding to have a boyfriend at the very beginning of a hard semester, and all my friends knew about him was what they had been told over the years. One of my friends even went to such lengths as to post this video on my facebook wall with the words "only because I love you."
Well yesterday I took her advice and ran away...but I took him with me.
We had lots of grown up things to get done, and it was a very inconvenient day to do anything except talk on the phone, but I was craving a hotdog from pinks. So the second my love got off of work we ran away to have dinner there.
 We came prepared wearing hats because we expected to be standing out in the sun in that line for at least an hour...but we experienced nothing short of a 4 month early Christmas miracle.
It was maybe ten minutes long.

 Worth it.

 Then since we had all this extra time we took a walk around Universal City Walk for a while.

$25,000 jelly bean Marilyn anyone?


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KendraKlingler27 said...

That is too cute!! I know about Matt, but he was such an amazing guy, still is. But the time when I actually did get to know him a bit more-he just wanted to find the right girl. And once he finds that right girl, he would be 100% commited, which he always does when he likes someone. And well Laynah, he sure found the right girl!! Good luck on wedding plans. I love you!! <3

PS: Married life is amazing. So the stress through the engagement on getting everything just right, is worth the guy <3

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