04 August 2012

Sticks in the mud!

For months all of my young single adult friends have been eagerly looking forward to an activity. An activity you would have thought a bunch of seven year olds sat around to plan.

This was the game plan:
1. Form a large gathering. Swim.
2. Eat good food.
3. Water balloon fight
4. Play around in a huge pit of mud.
5. Dance to dry off.

The above picture is a couple of my friends telling me that I will make a great old lady one day haha. Everyone was obviously super jealous of my hat.

No really...most of us are 21 or older, lol
Mud didn't stop being cool just because we grew up.

Photography by John Hill


Shalyn said...

I am ALL ABOUT that kind of activity- looks like so much fun! And I saw that you are planning your wedding, how fun! (And stressful at times;-))

Stephanie said...

I'm 31 and I would play tug of war in the mud in a heartbeat! I love it!

Sierra said...

Love your blog. Just found it!

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