25 September 2012

Apartment Tour

Lovie and I are pretty big fans of our apartment. It's the first time we've ever moved away from home, and the excitement from the newness is just overwhelming. We don't care that our neighbors are a little weird and that our living room smells like marijuana every afternoon. We don't even care that we have our own space to keep clean. We recieved a bucket of cleaning supplies and that's pretty much been our most exciting present so far. That and the waffle maker.

But anyways, here it is:
Our first place.

I have to put something super cute in that window!

Completely staged.
 I pulled out my camera to take pictures of the apartment and they got all excited thinking I was taking pictures of them. "Wait! What are we doing for the picture??"

Picture of the living room, and the front yard.


 Dining room and kitchen.


 Ratchet cabinets and the rubber liner I threw in them.


 The second bedroom.
AKA Matthew's
He will be putting down plywood and turning this into his garage.
I will be keeping the door closed.

 Master bedroom.

Master bathroom.

So yeah, we're kind of thrilled to be living here in less than twenty days.
 If anybody has any deodorizing tips they would seriously be appreciated. Till then, I'll be trying everything.

22 September 2012

These are a few of my favorite things.

1. Gold polish (that isn't even chipped)
2. Curls that behave sometimes
3. That necklace.

4. Brother's knee-meet-wall marks. Haha not.
5. When my favorite skirt AND shirt are clean at the same time

6. Loving my makeup...the same day as a good hair day??

Once in a blue moon, everything comes together.
And when that happens, you have to photograph it.  
Even if you arent a fashion blogger.

My surprise birthday date is tomorow.
the big --> { t w e n t y o n e }
Lovie is possibly more excited than I am. He's the worst at keeping secrets, and everyday for the past two weeks he's beeing saying "I wish I could tell you where I'm taking you for your birthday!" All I know is that I'll be getting picked up at 8am to start the 2.5 hour drive to the mystery location.

So excited like Rebecca Black.

15 September 2012

Things I wouldn't mind getting for my birthday.

Gaga's perfume.
Me and fiance liked the smell,
but honestly I think I like the bottle better.
Sometimes I kind of wish I could just find one perfume that I love and make it my signature scent, but alas, I've got perfume ADD something fierce.
Nike walking shoes.
Pretty ones.
AND comfy ones.
A cute custom bride hoodie :)
I can wear it over my wedding dress while my makeup is getting done so nothing gets on the gown!
Mrs. Crawley
Est. 10.12.12
But I'd also kindly be accepting time machines, if you could just make this the fastest 27 days ever for me. That'd be cool too.

13 September 2012

My fiance loves me like a dog.

You know how your dog loves you with everything it has, regardless of whether you have makeup on or not, and even if you were just yelling at it ten minutes before? You know how they have a never ending supply of positive energy, and how the only thing your dog really needs to be happy is for you to love it back?
Yeah, I found all of that in a human.
Probably be spending the rest of my life wondering how I got so lucky.
Oh, and don't be decieved by the picture, I haven't done much smiling lately. Blame it on the wedding stress, and the birth control pills giving me two periods in one month...but I'm not very much fun to be around right now.

09 September 2012

My new poison?

I want pretty earrings for my maids.
Also, I want them to match their dress and not cost a fortune.
After looking on etsy, I never found any I loved. Plus they all seemed to expensive! I didn't like the thought of spending $15 to $20 (per bridesmaid) on a pair of earrings if I didn't love them. So theres a huge bead store near my new apartment that I've been wanting to check out, and I thought it would be cheaper to just make the earrings myself...
But really, I've never made jewelry in my life so I had no idea what I'd need.
Cue crappy picture of the supplies I ended up with:

Four colors of beads
Earring hooks and backs
Jump rings
Metal thread
Three feet of chain
And handy dandy little pliers.
Side note: At the end of all this, I don't think I saved any money at all! If I divide the amount I spent by the number of bridesmaids I have, it still comes out to $15 to $20 a pair. 

I started off by attaching a section of chain to earring hooks with a jump ring.
One more side note: Making jewelry is a LOT harder than it looks. Like a lot. I botched many many earrings before coming up with a style that I liked and was able to do...and the woman I bought them from thought it was HILARIOUS that I had no idea what I was doing, yet I was making jewelry for a wedding. I even asked her at one point to come help me snip the chain because I didn't know how haha. She made sure to advise me not to charge.

Second step, and the most time consuming, is adding my pretty little pearls to the chain.
At first, I didn't know whether to leave them dangly like this or what...I kind of wanted statement earrings since a necklace would look weird with my bridesmaids dress' neckline...and earrings might be their only accessory besides shoes and a bouquet...

But then I bundled them up like this and liked it better.
I think I would wear them.
And I had so so so so much fun making them...
But Im a little self conscious and nervous that nobody will like them, so if you have anything bad to say, you arent allowed to comment - and if you have anything good to say, comment five times.
Ha thanks.

03 September 2012

Story of the Shoes (And how I glittered them)

Once upon a time,
A rough-around-the-edges princess fell in love.
She had her prince
 And she had her castle
But she still needed a gown. She searched California high and low for modest dresses that were fit for a princess. You can imagine her excitement when she found a promising shop! Crossing her fingers, she drove to Orange County to try on said gowns, and she did indeed find the perfect one. She was so busy smiling and twirling in it that she hardly noticed when the wicked saleslady put a pair of shoes on her, and a veil, and some jewelry. This made the dress look even better, and the princess got all the more excited! The princess, her mom, mother in law, and sister in law were all still gushing as the wicked saleslady went to work pinning and hemming the dress. When it came time to take the dress off, the princess and her party were still in la la land. This abruptly came to a stop when the saleslady gave them the total for the dress and every other thing the woman had thrown on her.

"We just came for the dress. We don't need all the extras."
The sales lady grudgingly took most of the fluff off the total.
"What about the shoes? They arent my style."

The princess and her party were informed that the princess was doomed to wear those plain shoes on her wedding day since the dress had been hemmed to their length. The next day when the princess and her mother came back to reality, they called again to see what could be done. The shoes had supposedly already been ordered, but the stubborn princess still insisted that she would not wear shoes she didn't love on her wedding day. She decided she would have to buy another pair.
(Not horrible, but NOT what I wanted.)

The gown was supposed to be ready "at the end of August, at least" so when that time came, the princess and some bridesmaids drove down to Orange County again, but they only returned with the bridesmaids dresses (ordered 5 weeks after the wedding dress) and the shoes. Alas! The wedding gown was still in alterations! But while she was waiting, she at least had the shoes now, and remembered something she saw on pinterest that could help her have the fairy tale shoes she wanted, at the exact height necessary.

She poured together a glitter concoction, then added some mod podge and painted a few coats on with a paint brush (a tiny one for the nooks and crannies). NOW she has shoes fit for a princess.

Thank you pinterest, for the inspiration for 90% of my wedding.

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