13 September 2012

My fiance loves me like a dog.

You know how your dog loves you with everything it has, regardless of whether you have makeup on or not, and even if you were just yelling at it ten minutes before? You know how they have a never ending supply of positive energy, and how the only thing your dog really needs to be happy is for you to love it back?
Yeah, I found all of that in a human.
Probably be spending the rest of my life wondering how I got so lucky.
Oh, and don't be decieved by the picture, I haven't done much smiling lately. Blame it on the wedding stress, and the birth control pills giving me two periods in one month...but I'm not very much fun to be around right now.


Fealyclan said...

You look so pretty. It'll all be over soon...the planning I mean.

KendraKlingler27 said...

2 periods in one month!! Yeah that's one of the reasons why I'm not taking birth control. I'm using other stuff that I get at the grosery store, one of them is this foam thing. And the thing is, it'a a lot cheaper!! I learned it from my mother in-law. She even said that there are certain times in the month that you cannot get prego. Like just before I start my period, I don't have to use anything including while I'm on my period. I guess some people are different, because there's 1 person that I heard that got prego while she was on her period. I honestly don't believe that, cause it can't happen. But yeah I hope all the wedding stuff is going great :)

LaynahRose said...

Really?! Im on antibiotics too so I feel like using something on top of birth control, totally been considering the sponge

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