09 September 2012

My new poison?

I want pretty earrings for my maids.
Also, I want them to match their dress and not cost a fortune.
After looking on etsy, I never found any I loved. Plus they all seemed to expensive! I didn't like the thought of spending $15 to $20 (per bridesmaid) on a pair of earrings if I didn't love them. So theres a huge bead store near my new apartment that I've been wanting to check out, and I thought it would be cheaper to just make the earrings myself...
But really, I've never made jewelry in my life so I had no idea what I'd need.
Cue crappy picture of the supplies I ended up with:

Four colors of beads
Earring hooks and backs
Jump rings
Metal thread
Three feet of chain
And handy dandy little pliers.
Side note: At the end of all this, I don't think I saved any money at all! If I divide the amount I spent by the number of bridesmaids I have, it still comes out to $15 to $20 a pair. 

I started off by attaching a section of chain to earring hooks with a jump ring.
One more side note: Making jewelry is a LOT harder than it looks. Like a lot. I botched many many earrings before coming up with a style that I liked and was able to do...and the woman I bought them from thought it was HILARIOUS that I had no idea what I was doing, yet I was making jewelry for a wedding. I even asked her at one point to come help me snip the chain because I didn't know how haha. She made sure to advise me not to charge.

Second step, and the most time consuming, is adding my pretty little pearls to the chain.
At first, I didn't know whether to leave them dangly like this or what...I kind of wanted statement earrings since a necklace would look weird with my bridesmaids dress' neckline...and earrings might be their only accessory besides shoes and a bouquet...

But then I bundled them up like this and liked it better.
I think I would wear them.
And I had so so so so much fun making them...
But Im a little self conscious and nervous that nobody will like them, so if you have anything bad to say, you arent allowed to comment - and if you have anything good to say, comment five times.
Ha thanks.


Ashley Jelovic said...

You should consider selling them.. if you do, email me and I'd love to buy some :)


Jenna said...

They are adorable! Wow, you did great. I actually bought similar earrings for my bridesmaids and they cost a lot!!

his little lady said...

what fun! i wish i was crafty and creative like this!
xo TJ

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

LOOK AT YOU CRAFTY LADY! I love them :) &the fact that you made them makes it even better - from the heart!

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