03 September 2012

Story of the Shoes (And how I glittered them)

Once upon a time,
A rough-around-the-edges princess fell in love.
She had her prince
 And she had her castle
But she still needed a gown. She searched California high and low for modest dresses that were fit for a princess. You can imagine her excitement when she found a promising shop! Crossing her fingers, she drove to Orange County to try on said gowns, and she did indeed find the perfect one. She was so busy smiling and twirling in it that she hardly noticed when the wicked saleslady put a pair of shoes on her, and a veil, and some jewelry. This made the dress look even better, and the princess got all the more excited! The princess, her mom, mother in law, and sister in law were all still gushing as the wicked saleslady went to work pinning and hemming the dress. When it came time to take the dress off, the princess and her party were still in la la land. This abruptly came to a stop when the saleslady gave them the total for the dress and every other thing the woman had thrown on her.

"We just came for the dress. We don't need all the extras."
The sales lady grudgingly took most of the fluff off the total.
"What about the shoes? They arent my style."

The princess and her party were informed that the princess was doomed to wear those plain shoes on her wedding day since the dress had been hemmed to their length. The next day when the princess and her mother came back to reality, they called again to see what could be done. The shoes had supposedly already been ordered, but the stubborn princess still insisted that she would not wear shoes she didn't love on her wedding day. She decided she would have to buy another pair.
(Not horrible, but NOT what I wanted.)

The gown was supposed to be ready "at the end of August, at least" so when that time came, the princess and some bridesmaids drove down to Orange County again, but they only returned with the bridesmaids dresses (ordered 5 weeks after the wedding dress) and the shoes. Alas! The wedding gown was still in alterations! But while she was waiting, she at least had the shoes now, and remembered something she saw on pinterest that could help her have the fairy tale shoes she wanted, at the exact height necessary.

She poured together a glitter concoction, then added some mod podge and painted a few coats on with a paint brush (a tiny one for the nooks and crannies). NOW she has shoes fit for a princess.

Thank you pinterest, for the inspiration for 90% of my wedding.


Megan Wait said...

Hahahah, I can't believe you painted your wedding shoes!

They came out great by the way, absolutely fabulous dahling!

christine donee said...

holy sparkle, batman! awesome!

Caitlin C. said...

LOVE these!!! You're awesome!

{av} | {long distance loving} said...

holy majoly! so fun! they'll absolutely do the trick ;) I so wish pinterest existed when I was wedding planning. le sigh. happy wednesday! xoxo [av}

Miranda said...

beautiful slippers for the princess! love it!!

Katie said...

Love that you did glitter shoes too girl!!! :) They came out so cute. Thank you for linking up with us!

Stephanie said...

Get out! These are GORGEOUS! GO you!!

PS-so sorry I'm just now commenting! Life has been CRAY these past few days. Thank you for linking up with Katie & I!

Alexandra Marie said...

I love what you did with those shoes! I feel like I have the same thing pinned, but I have not been brave enough to try them out on something yet!

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