15 September 2012

Things I wouldn't mind getting for my birthday.

Gaga's perfume.
Me and fiance liked the smell,
but honestly I think I like the bottle better.
Sometimes I kind of wish I could just find one perfume that I love and make it my signature scent, but alas, I've got perfume ADD something fierce.
Nike walking shoes.
Pretty ones.
AND comfy ones.
A cute custom bride hoodie :)
I can wear it over my wedding dress while my makeup is getting done so nothing gets on the gown!
Mrs. Crawley
Est. 10.12.12
But I'd also kindly be accepting time machines, if you could just make this the fastest 27 days ever for me. That'd be cool too.

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Marjorie said...

hope you get what you're wishing for! :)

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