22 November 2012

Just Another Thanksgiving Post

This year, I didn't update my status once a day to tell the facebook world something I am grateful for. And I stopped uploading thankful pictures to instagram at like day 8. But Thanksgiving would just not be Thanksgiving without the annual counting of blessings before the grand feast (which - btw, I don't think is that grand. Personally not a fan of stuffing and cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie). So, making up for my lack of gratitude on facebook and instagram, here goes my thankful blog post in all it's glory:
Thankful for my mama.
The woman that has loved me and believed in me from day one. By day she loves her family fiercely with everything her big mama heart has, and by night she saves peoples lives in the ER. She put my happiness above hers or anyone else's during my engagement and wedding day, and thanks to her I really did get everything I could ask for.
Thankful for my daddy.
The man that came into my life at 6 years old and somehow won over the heart of that independent little girl, who thought the only person she would ever need was her mama. I still don't know what it is that goes on between the hearts of Fathers and their daughters, but it's stronger than I have words for. There is no blood test that can tell me he isn't my "real" daddy. Just look at his face trying not to cry as he lets go of his Cinderella!
Thankful for my brothers.
They grow up too fast! Being the big sister has taught me a lot, and has probably even helped shape who I am. Since I've been married I have missed these two much more than I bargained for, and one of my biggest worries is wondering if they know how much I love them.
Thankful for my husband.
Everyday I am reminded of why I married him. He has taught me more about love and life in less than a year than I could have ever learned in a lifetime. I used to worry about getting bored once I settled down and now I worry if the time we have together will ever feel like enough. I'm pretty sure just knowing him has made me a better person.

Thankful for my in-laws.
Because they don't even feel like in-laws at all. The first time I met them all together was a curious encounter. We sat around the dinner table and I laughed and talked without feeling nervous. Since then we have had many more dinner conversations together and I have loved them more each time.
Thankful for my littles.
I don't have much more time with them as my "littles" because they are all too quickly becoming as big (or bigger) than me! Over the years these small people have easilly owned the biggest portion of my heart. There is so much about children that just amazes me.
Thankful for the Earth.
I discovered so much of who I am while running around my desert with my barefeet and wild curls. I gained a love for nature early on that will never fade. The rest of the world can look at my desert with disgust, but I know that contrast and variation are what makes this world such a beautiful place...and after a week or so on vacation to somewhere lush and green I look forward to seeing Joshua trees again.

Thankful for the Gospel.
The simple truths that I have been lucky enough to learn and know are vital. The fact that not everybody has the peace of mind that comes from knowing these truths makes them all the more precious to me. At times I have fought it - some lessons were easy to learn and some were much harder. Either way, in the end, I have found without fail that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the way to happiness.
So that's that. Don't even get me STARTED on the material things I'm thankful for.

15 November 2012

The Best Sugar Cookies Alive

At least, they WERE the best sugar cookies alive. Matthew and I devoured them before they even got to cool off.
Remember our fake Halloween? Well those candy corn cookies I made were from this blog and the reason I include the link is so I can go back to it the next time I want to make them. I myself am a sugar cookie snob, and until recently I thought that I didn't even like sugar cookies! That recipe changed my mind. I only bake them for 7 minutes at 350 degrees because any more than that is too crunchy for me
However, this post isn't about sugar cookies. It's about how caramel frosting can change your life. I took the left over dough from our candy corn cookies, kneaded all the colors together, threw some caramel frosting on top...and literally ended up with the best fall cookie around. Probably ever.
I started with buttercream frosting
Store bought caramel because I'm lazy like that (No measurements, just follow your heart. My heart was pretty generous on the caramel)
These are the cookies AFTER BAKING. They stay true to their color like champs!


14 November 2012


Following the wedding and the monster photo-taking sesh, we stopped and had lunch at our aunt and uncle's home, which was on the way to the reception site. There we had a few priceless hours to eat, mingle with family, and re-do my hair before the party.
We had hired a lady to set up the reception during the day, so I was sooo excited to see what a beautiful job she had done. The one thing I was worried about was the weather, because it had been windy and rainy all week with possible storms in the area that our OUTDOOR reception would be. I refused to make a plan B, so everyone was prepared to find the place in shambles when we arrived...
Fortunately, all the desperate prayers and crossed fingers seemed to work!



The End Beginning

12 November 2012


Exactly one month ago today, I married my best friend. Getting my pictures pretty much made my monthiversary and I've spent all day poring over the beautiful images and reliving it. My heart is so full of love for the people in them that it could just burst. Many thanks to Matt and Kristen at Rewind Photography for the most cherished pictures I will ever own.
Due to the sheer number of photos I've decided to split this photo sharing session into two:
1. The Wedding
2. The Reception
{{ PART ONE }}
Matthew and I were married & sealed for time and all eternity in the Los Angeles Temple on October 12, 2012
My nervous excitement kept me up late into the night...and then woke me up half an hour before my alarm went off on top of that (thank goodness for that extra half hour because it turned out I was exactly on time)! I am also thankful for that extra half hour because it gave me time to think and just feel my happiness bubbling inside me. I had a half hour of silent joy all to myself. On my way to go get my hair done I stopped to take this picture of the sunrise on my wedding day...and I am so glad I did.
Then came the wedding ceremony inside the Temple. Being sealed to my husband was a truly sacred experience that brought me full circle back inside an LA temple sealing room (I had also been there at age 6, when my parents were married)

Outside, our loved ones anxiously waited for the first glimpse of us as a married couple. My two little brothers even helped everyone practice for the bride and groom's grand exit...

Ladies and Gents...
 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Crawley!

And then there were pictures.
Lots and lots of pictures.
I'll let them speak for themselves.






OH! And how can I forgot...
My photographer happened to catch our first "Sshh!" as a married couple on camera! During our attempt at some awkward pose that didn't quite work out.


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