05 November 2012

Halloween Happenings

Side note before I start: Thanks to blogging, I can sit here and be AMAZED at how different things are since Halloween last year and how, at the time, I would have never guessed that my life was about to take me on the most crazy beautiful, wonderful ride. I get giddy thinking about what's in store for us before we ever see another Halloween.
I just wish we could have this holiday once a month. Scary movies, candy, and being whatever you want to be for a night have made Halloween my favorite.
I literally start thinking of what I want to be for next Halloween around January after all the holiday excitement wears off and life goes back to normal. Last year I missed not having a wig so that was a requirement for this years costume. Then when Matthew and I were dating, I would sit at his house with his brothers and sister and watch the most ridiculous cartoon called Adventure Time...
-drum roll-
Yes. Yes, we were Princess Bubblegum and Finn.
So this picture was taken the weekend before Halloween before we left for the Trunk or Treat. My crown was gloppy and gluey because I had only started making it right before I did my makeup...but we think it turned out great.
He got to be Finn, I got a wig and a matching costume.
But then the actual Halloween rolled around.
I walked through the door at 9pm smelling stanky from work, and Matthew was half asleep on the couch. We watched a movie, went to bed, and pinky promised to reschedule Halloween to the next night...
I was off, so I was able to pick up a few 50% off decorations (having Halloween the next day is way cheaper) and thought of Halloweenie food to eat while he was at work. I didn't mention any of this to him because I knew he had forgotten that we moved Halloween this year and I wanted to surprise him.
Food can be a decoration, right? These were to double as our pumpkin carving snacks.

Window clings on our bare walls, and a pumpkin ready to carve!
Nom. Halloween food, complete with the cutest dang candy corn sugar cookies.
Two newlyweds ready to conquer their first pumpkin!
Or... just fall asleep during the conquering aforementioned.
Happy Halloween!


Ana said...

That heart pumpkin is so cute!!! It's an "in love pumpkin"!!

J. Peterson said...

Adventure Time Costumes.. Were Awesome!

Life Happens said...

What a fun halloween! Congrats on being newlyweds....ahhh, to be young again. :)

You guys are a beautiful couple.

J and A said...

That looks so fun! I love your costumes!!

Stesha Jordan said...

awww you guys look great!!!


Courtney B said...

That's why I love blogging as well!! And do you know why I love instagram? Because I got to see your CUTE costumes long before you posted them on the blog :)
What is on that popcorn? It looks SO good!

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