14 November 2012


Following the wedding and the monster photo-taking sesh, we stopped and had lunch at our aunt and uncle's home, which was on the way to the reception site. There we had a few priceless hours to eat, mingle with family, and re-do my hair before the party.
We had hired a lady to set up the reception during the day, so I was sooo excited to see what a beautiful job she had done. The one thing I was worried about was the weather, because it had been windy and rainy all week with possible storms in the area that our OUTDOOR reception would be. I refused to make a plan B, so everyone was prepared to find the place in shambles when we arrived...
Fortunately, all the desperate prayers and crossed fingers seemed to work!



The End Beginning


Stephanie said...

SO very beautiful! Everything looked perfect!

Veronica said...

GIRL these pictures are beautifull!!

Bitz said...

Hi, Laynah! I'm Brittney and I'm loving your blog so far, sweetie! Following ASAP!

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