03 November 2012

Short and Sweet

Even though I have a few teaser wedding pictures that my photographer so kindly let me see already, I don't want to make a full wedding post untill I have all of them.
(On that day...be prepared for the longest post ever)
Untill then, I will show you one wedding picture,
and then continue playing catch up on our lives.
Our silly bridal party.
Moving on!
So our honeymoon was just a short and sweet trip to San Diego.
We spent the weekend there and tried to get used to being allowed to be together ALL the time...being married didn't feel real yet.
Sometimes it still doesnt, actually.
Welp, our honeymoon was a dud in the picture department and I don't even care! I could probably count the number of pictures we took on one hand...
1. First picture I took on our honeymoon...lol
2. I had someone take a picture of us in the shark exhibit at Sea World. This was later in the day and I can tell that we're tired ha.
3. This is a caricature we had drawn of us...my mom says it really captures my outer beauty (and dangerously sharp right cheek bone)
4. We were driving somewhere to our next location when Matthew spots a building from the freeway similar to this one. He was so excited about it we just got off and found our way to Balboa Park where we had a nice long walk and looked around.
4. That's better! A much less tired photo of us at the San Diego Natural History Museum.
5. Rocks
6. Skeletons.
7. Love
And that's about it!
The rest is history.


Rachel said...

wow congratulations!! I am going to have to do some catch up on your blog!

KendraKlingler27 said...

It has been 3 months and it still doesn't feel like I'm married. I don't think it'll fully feel like you two are married until, possibly when you have kids. lol That's what I think

Lauren said...

Congratulations!!! :)

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