15 November 2012

The Best Sugar Cookies Alive

At least, they WERE the best sugar cookies alive. Matthew and I devoured them before they even got to cool off.
Remember our fake Halloween? Well those candy corn cookies I made were from this blog and the reason I include the link is so I can go back to it the next time I want to make them. I myself am a sugar cookie snob, and until recently I thought that I didn't even like sugar cookies! That recipe changed my mind. I only bake them for 7 minutes at 350 degrees because any more than that is too crunchy for me
However, this post isn't about sugar cookies. It's about how caramel frosting can change your life. I took the left over dough from our candy corn cookies, kneaded all the colors together, threw some caramel frosting on top...and literally ended up with the best fall cookie around. Probably ever.
I started with buttercream frosting
Store bought caramel because I'm lazy like that (No measurements, just follow your heart. My heart was pretty generous on the caramel)
These are the cookies AFTER BAKING. They stay true to their color like champs!



Msz Jelenaaa said...

Caramel Frosting... oh yumm.. i love cookies! I need to go make me some, i feel like am in a baking mood right now :)


Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

Okay. Those look too die for good. I must try them!

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