11 November 2012

The first thing we killed.

Maybe it was on our first date at the zoo...
Or my birthday date at the aquarium...
Or honeymooning at Sea World...
But somewhere along the way Matthew decided we needed a fish. I thought we would get a plant first and work our way up, but he was determined to have a fish. In fact our first stop when we got back from our honeymoon was a pet store to buy the cutest little Betta fish you ever did see, along with a tank and all his cute little necessities.
And we just loved him so much.
(Except sometimes we forgot to feed him)
Plants and fish are so dang tricky because they don't cry when they're hungry like babies!
One day I decided to clean his tank, and I think that's what really did him in...a couple days later I saw him floating lifelessly around. I explained to Matthew that spiders and dead things were his department but he wouldn't touch him.
Neither would I.
So there he stayed.
Finally Matthew went to go flush him, but lo and behold he was swimming around like normal!
Making me out to be crazy.
But about a week later that baby fish was at it again - Matthew found him this time and was going to flush him but I said "Noo! He's just faking it again!"
Except he was way too convinving for my hubs who had finally had enough of this possum fish, so he scooped him up and threw him in the toilet.
Can you guess what the fish did at this point?
That's right.
He started swimming around again.
But he sure was sickly looking, enough so that after some loving words said in his behalf, we went ahead and pulled the trigger. And of course by trigger I mean toilet flusher.
Then we went out for sushi.
The End


Anonymous said...

SO funny!! :)

Chelsea said...

Oh my gosh. Haha! Love this! My husband and I haven't been brave enough to try any pets yet, so I applaud you.

And that sushi bit is still making me laugh.

allergic to vanilla said...

Oh this was a such a sad little story, and then I got to the part that you went out to sushi- and it made me smile!

xo Carlina
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