19 December 2013

Proof that I work in "The Office"

The Office is one of Matthew and I's FAVORITE shows. That's why I was delighted to learn that my new office resembles the show on TV! For starters, my boss is Michael. Obviously not THE Michael Scott, but more like his long lost -just as awkward - cousin. Oh and his name really is Michael. True story.

Something that Michael my boss and Michael Scott (and my husband!) have in common is that they get a kick out of making awkward situations out of thin air. I'm pretty sure Michael Scott didn't realize what he was doing most of the time, but Michael my boss definitely does! Some recent quotes that I've been keeping track of include:

"Your Christmas decorations make me want to chew on them."

"WHAT IS IN YOUR HAIR? That is the most massive bun I've ever seen!"

"Ooh, are you going out on a date tonight? Well give your boyfriend a smooch for me...look him in the eyes tonight and say 'this is from Michael' okay?"

 You get the idea, right? It's craziness. He is also distracted by any brightly colored accessories the ladies in the office might be wearing at the time and if you're lucky, he does an impersonation of what your earrings look like when they're dancing around under your ears every time you turn your head.

But wait, there's more! He also keeps this on his desk...
(I actually just snuck in there to take a photo of it right now)

All that aside, the most incriminating piece of evidence I have against him is that he did his own little version of the Dundee Awards at the Christmas party! I kid you not, he called every single person up to bestow upon them an award for some silly characteristic they have (and no, he does not watch The Office). This of course was accompanied by a sweet message about how much he appreciates each of us individually, but still! Total Dundee status. I can't get enough of it - my office is just so much fun!

PS - My award, by the way, was "CANDY QUEEN" because somebody noticed that I eat candy for breakfast sometimes, hahaha. Oops. Luckily it came with the next days breakfast - a box of chocolates!

PSS - My boss also happens to be my Uncle, so I am allowed to call him out on Blogland any time I want.

15 December 2013

2013 Family Pictures

Weird story: On our wedding day, we have a picture of Matthew and I with my brothers, and we have a picture of Matthew and I with my parents...but SOMEHOW we skipped having all of us together in one picture. We didn't even realize that this significant moment had been forgotten in all the excitement until months later when we got the pictures back! You can imagine my poor mother's disappointment... 

Since then she has desperately wanted family pictures with Matthew and I and the family. We finally set a date when she happened to find a friend who was willing to take them for cheap and it seemed like all was well. On the drive there, however, we couldn't help but notice the ice cold, hurricane-like winds and the dark rain clouds rolling in. Of all days. When we got out of the truck we felt the first few ominous drops of rain, and I was sure the clouds would release their contents on our heads at any moment - but none of us dared to tell my mother that for fear that she would have an emotional breakdown or something, haha!  So we put on brave faces and huddled together with our jackets on for the majority of the session. Once the photographer told us where to go, we would fling our coats to the ground and race to get into position - a quick pose and a quick smile was all we had in us, before we went running back to the warmth of our coats.

 ^ Fun fact: When I smile big like this you can see that chunk of scar tissue in my lip if you look close. When I was 12 or 13 I knocked on an outward opening door, and the boy behind it slammed it open into my face - effectively splitting my lower lip in half. Even part of my gums were torn open.

 ^ In this picture, the boys are all huddled in one of those plastic playground tunnels in an attempt at escaping the wind.

^This is our favorite picture because we were warrm.

No less than twenty minutes after we were finished, the rain started pouring out of the sky.

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06 December 2013

Housewife Bucket List

I've been married for a little over a year, and in that year I've had a lot of time to think of ways to improve myself and my marriage. I keep this unofficial list in the back of my mind...some of them are a constant effort and some of them are one and done type things, but all of them are things I have challenged myself to do at some point in my life. For giggles and grins, I thought I'd share it.

My official housewife bucket list:

1. Follow a cleaning schedule FOR AT LEAST A WEEK. I can never stick to those.
2. Make a Pecan Pie without screwing it up (Matt's Favorite)
3. Learn how to iron. I hesitate to add this one, because I am so bad at it that Matthew just says "That's okay...I'll iron my own clothes." 

4. Budget I get to cross this one off because I love the budgeting system Mattie and I use.
5. Have a baby. Let's be real.
6. CLOTH DIAPER said baby. Don't tell me its too inconvenient. I'm trying this.

7. Learn what all those stupid little symbols mean on the tags of clothes.
8. Know a recipe so well that I don't have to read the instructions.
9. Make my own recipe.
10. Become that girl you know who makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies.

11. Bake and decorate a wedding sized cake.
12. Sew a quilt.
13. Throw a themed party.

14. Decorate my home to match holidays/seasons
15. Host Thanksgiving dinner at my home.
16. Try making my own laundry soap.

17. Know how to remove any stain.
18. Have a garden.
19. Be polite even when I feel frustrated/tired/sad
20. Make a piece of furniture.
21. Make sure my actions are telling my husband that I love him everyday.
22. Have a Christ centered home.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

30 November 2013

Love Story part two. The good part.

Welcome back. Before the break I had just been breaking up with my old boyfriend. Matthew seemed to be paying attention, because the week Cory left for college was the week Matthew called to ask me out. At first it was a double date to the zoo, but the other couple backed out last minute and all of the sudden it was just him and I. What was uncanny about this date was that I was working a crazy schedule and he happened to ask me out on a Monday when I was off. Who asks somebody out on a Monday?? Turns out he had overheard me explaining my crazy schedule to somebody else and had made a mental note that that was the day I was free! Months later I also learned that he had wanted to ask me out much sooner, but Cory had approached him at the beach trip and told him to back off because he "wanted a shot." 

Anyways, the timing wasn't the only uncanny thing about this date. It was simply the best first date. Ever. We were super relaxed about it (notice: he didn't shave and I wore a ponytail) but maybe that's why it was so perfect. He just seemed so familiar to me from the music he listened to, to the work he did, to how he drove. On the way there I let him have a drink of my coconut water and he rolled down his window and spit it out all over his truck while we were driving. "Coconut water?!" He said, "Might as well call it booty water!" This wasn't the awkward/uncomfortable first date that is so common, it literally felt like we were long lost friends just catching up. When we got there he had me pretend to be his wife in order to get discount tickets. Later we were talking and he asked if I had heard some of the rumors about him (eesh). When I told him that I had he looked surprised and said "um...well why did you agree to go on a date with me??" and we proceeded to have a truly real conversation in which he let me know about his past, the truths vs the lies, and all the changes he had gone through. Towards the end of the day his hands started hovering around my waist until I let him hold my hand as we walked around and looked at the animals. But at the end of the day he dropped me off, gave me a quick hug, and left. To me, it was a strange ending to a perfect day. I was fully anticipating a kiss because from what I had heard...he kissed every girl who gave him an opportunity! So when he didn't I felt like that let me know for sure he didn't like me. 

Whenever I wear that bow or cardigan now he gets excited and says "You wore that on our first date!"

That night I hung out with my friends and they scolded me for even going out with him. I nodded while they talked but I knew that they were wrong. Whatever happened next, even if he never spoke to me again, I now knew that he was a good person. A good, sensitive, brave, refreshing, funny person and nobody could ever make me believe otherwise. 

He didn't text or call me for a month. This gave me further evidence that he didn't like me.

To this day I have no idea what happened during that month, but one day he just woke up and decided that something was missing from his life - and that something was me. I got a call and he asked if we could  get lunch together. The next day he wanted me to keep him company while he ran some random little errands. Again it was like we had known each other in some past life and we were simply picking up where we left of. We didn't bring up our first date, we didn't ask each other why neither of us had called the other one, we simply became best friends overnight. Every day we were either together or texting/on the phone from the moment we woke up until we fell asleep. He gave me my last first kiss on our third date, sitting in his truck eating gelatto. It was dark and quiet and we both knew that it was about time, so my butterflies were going crazy. All of the sudden he just kissed me without warning while I still had gelatto in my mouth! I'm pretty sure I laughed. Good thing our second kiss wasn't too far behind, and it was far less awkward haha.

But even though I had strong feelings for him, I couldn't tell if he was a good choice or not. Come to distract me from work and school and my elaborate life plan that did not involve him. I worried about it for a second, but then I decided that a "what if..." later on would be far more painful than a broken heart now. I was truly happy every moment I was with him, and that was invaluable to me because I wasn't sure I would ever be truly happy in a relationship again after my past experiences. He had been asking me to meet his family for days but my hesitation had stopped me.  The night I agreed, we walked in the front door and saw that everybody was already sitting around the table eating. It was obvious they had no warning that I was coming, but they quickly grabbed another chair and served me up a plate of cold food. I sat directly across from his dad, who also happened to be the stake president, and he asked "aren't you that one girl who raised her hand when I asked the YSA congregation who the next person to get engaged would be?" I laughed and said yes, and the irony of the moment was delightful to me when it should have been painfully embarrassing. I decided to treat his interview like a challenge or a game and I surprised myself with how confident and comfortable I was around all these new people. Honestly, it almost felt as if I already belonged...but  don't know if that's destiny talking or if they are just really good hosts haha. As I looked around the table into each face, I wanted nothing more than to know these people better. The next week, on February seventeenth, I called Matthew on my lunch break (per usual) and he told me that he thought we should give the whole official dating thing a shot. Since February 17, 2012 I have happily been his.

The difference between him and every other boy I had ever dated was that we both knew. Almost immediately. Six days into our short relationship I prayed about him and was falling asleep when I noticed this dull thudding sound. It got louder and louder until my eyes sprang open and I realized it was just my heart POUNDING inside of my chest. I knew it was an answer to my prayer but I couldn't tell if it was saying "run away!" or "go for it!"...until I was sitting at church with him the next Sunday and started feeling the same thing. It only happened whenever I thought about him and I in the future. That was when I realized it was a "yes. this is it." answer. There was still so much I didn't know about this guy and I found myself being intimidated by how strong this answer was coming and how soon! The only thing I could do was keep praying and being assured that this was my guy while letting my feelings grow at their own pace...which happened to be exponentially. 

A couple of weeks later is when we started dancing around the "L word." 
(Even though he technically told me wayyy before then lol)

I already knew that I loved him for a while now (aka since day 6), but it was thrilling to hear him say things like "goodnight lovie" and wonder if he was feeling the same thing. Those three words were officially spoken for the first time after he had walked me to my night class and we were standing outside the door saying goodbye. He had been trying to say it all day and I could see that he was getting frustrated that there hadn't been an opening. Finally outside my classroom he said it, but it was so last minute that I had no choice but to turn away and walk inside. I literally only had .5 seconds to respond (before my teacher locked me out), and I didn't want this moment to be crammed into that time frame. So he had to suffer the hour and a half of silence and it wasn't until we met up later that night that he finally got his "I love you too". When we said it that day we meant it. We knew it was real and we knew it was forever. 

We are sharers. The day he asked my dad for my hand I was fully aware, and the very next day when he spent 10 hours creating the perfect ring for me I was also fully aware. I know it seems like this method is way less fun, but I loved hearing him voice his every thought to me during the entire process. It was his first time as well as mine, and he was nervous so he couldn't help but tell his best friend everything. I thought for sure he'd get down on his knee and throw it on my finger the very next time he saw me but he didn't...it was the day AFTER that, thank you very much! Haha. He asked me to go the beach where we had had one of our dates but I told him no. Then he asked me to go to the gelatto shop where we had our first kiss but I said no again.... I felt like he felt the pressure to put on a show so that made me uncomfortable. He finally got the idea and simply asked me one Monday right before class, same way we did any of the other major milestones in our relationship. 

The rest is history.

23 November 2013

Every little detail of our love story

My very favorite non-human thing is this so called "life book" that I update and buy at the end of each year. The other day I was showing the kids (of the family we live with) our life book and I realized that some of the details of the very beginning have started to get hazy! Already! I've never shared our love story in its entirety on the blog before, so I figured now was a good time before I forget anything else.

We're going straight to the beginning, folks.

In high school, none of my boyfriends were ever LDS. I lived in an extremely small town (there were only 31 other people in my graduating class) and I just never clicked with the one Mormon boy my age, although we were very good friends. I KNEW what I wanted my future to look like...temple marriage, kids, priesthood holder...I just wasn't living my life in a way that matched that. Confusion ensued.

Soon enough, I was head over heels for someone I DEFINITELY didn't want to spend the rest of my life with. He was nothing that I needed but I couldn't help but fall for him. After a two year off and on relationship I decided to end it for good as my senior year drew to a close, and the breakup was messy. I decided to never date another boy who wasn't worthy of a temple marriage after that. 

Two years later I was still single and miserable. Part of me was convinced that I would have to marry somebody I didn't like in order to have the future I so craved, and I spent a lot of time wondering if I would be able to handle that. Remember that Mormon boy I never clicked with in high school?  Well he was on his mission now and I decided that he would just have to be the one, since he seemed to be the only eligible option. I believed I could MAKE myself love him and then, tada - I would get the forever family that I wanted. I threw myself into the idea of him and found myself falling in love with the person I created him to be in my head. We wrote. We joked. I informed my family that he was my choice. That was my story and I was sticking to it.

Then one Sunday I was sitting with my rowdy primary class and a member of the bishopric came in to announce that there was to be a huge meeting, which ALL of the young single adults in the area would be encouraged to attend. It was at that meeting that a new young single adult ward was announced, and I had to choose between staying in my family ward or joining this new ward an hour away from  home. Even though my parents struggled with the idea of me "leaving" I started driving to meetings an hour away every Sunday and Tuesday, and sometimes Monday. I LOVED every moment of making new connections and friends. 

It was here that I first met Matthew. I remember the first time I saw him, in institute one evening sitting next to some girl. I was almost mesmerized by him, although this is kind of embarrassing to admit. I stared shamelessly and found myself picturing him and that other girl married in the future - wondering how some girls seem to have the best luck! I heard the words of my aunt in my head "It's not official until there's a ring on his finger" and decided to try flirting with him even though I didn't know if he was in a relationship with that girl he was talking to or not (I'm sure my aunt would be so proud, haha). I sat behind them and wondered what the heck I was going to say to get his attention. At one point he said something to her and, although I wasn't even listening to the lesson, I leaned forward and shushed him. He looked a little confused at first but he definitely stopped talking to her - mission accomplished! After the lesson he turned around and asked "So are you going to the pool party tonight?" and when I answered that I definitely was, he gave me this smile and told me that he was looking forward to seeing me there. At the pool party, he had no game. He just followed me around and called me "beautiful" way too often. Yawn. I still couldn't deny that he was the most handsome one there, but he was much less interesting now that the chase seemed to be over.

A couple of months later I was on my way to a YSA beach trip with some friends and Matthew was quick to volunteer to ride with us to show us the way there. I rolled my eyes because by this time I knew that he was a notorious flirt and obviously the only reason he chose our car was because it was the only one with all girls! I had heard many terrible rumors about him and even though I wasn't sure which ones were true and which ones were false, I was prepared for the most annoying car ride ever. Much to my surprise, he was charming and funny and we actually would have gotten lost without him. I was also impressed about how he explained the word of wisdom to my two friends (who were not LDS).

My interest in Matthew was renewed at the beach that day...but he never asked me out so I was kind of disappointed. I was also still telling myself that I was going to marry the boy from my hometown who was on his mission - though with noticeably less resolve now. A boy came along, and he didn't seem like my type but he was interested in me and I figured that "my type" in the past had never really worked out. My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to give it a try. I officially had a Mormon boyfriend for the first time in my life.

^ Halloween. I was a firework, he was a viking?

Oh look, there's Matthew haha! We kind of think this picture is hilarious now.

Unfortunately, the two of us were in completely different places. He fell hard and fast before I was even completely sure I even liked him at all! His dad started calling me his future daughter in law, his mother wanted to browse wedding dresses with me, and one day he tried to convince me to move with him to Idaho, where he would soon be leaving for college. As the clock winded down for him to leave the pressure built - I obviously had to breakup with him but struggled with how to do it, and all the while he was  brainstorming ideas on how to propose to me! He took me up to the top of a mountain one day and I was so scared of the impending conversation that I faked an intense interest in the wildlife around me in order to avoid meeting his eyes.  He told me he loved me and wanted to be with me for the rest of his life, but my mind was racing and all of the sudden I just blurted out the words "I don't!" There's just no sugar coating something like that, and looking back now I still think those two little words that caused him so much pain at the time were the right words for the moment.

Next up: Part Two

17 November 2013

Just going through my monthly "craft cycle"

Last year I didn't send out Christmas Cards because I barely had thank you cards from our wedding sent out. This year I have Photoshop and 50 free prints from Costco so there's no reason why I shouldn't be able to pretty up my own little design and call it good, right? One problem...I have no experience in design or Photoshop and I keep getting mad that my final product never looks as good as it did in my head. My husband recently pointed out to me that I have a craft cycle, and it goes like this: I jump from hobby to hobby and every time I start something new, I'm not very good at it, I get discouraged, and I give up and try something else. Vicious I tell you.

So I'm doing my best to break this cycle. Hubby says if I could just be patient I'll become much better with practice. So I've been creating Christmas card after Christmas card, and I think I really am getting better the more I try.

This is the first one I tried making (about a month ago) and I just think its a little too busy. Also, WHY in the world did I make the letters all crooked like that? So awkward.

For the second one I kind of went the opposite way, but is it too simple that it becomes boring? I can't really tell. Either way, I do like it better and I can see my husband's logic. The only thing more frustrating than trial and error is trying a 100 things and sucking at all of them because I'm too impatient to master any of them haha. 

It's time for me to quit quitting.

Much Ado About Somethin

14 November 2013

So why was there a baboon on my driveway?

I have been having way too much fun these past couple of days to blog! 
Blogging is a hobby and I refuse to make a chore out of it, just in case anyone was wondering why I'm so patchy. Sorry I'm not sorry :)

So this weekend was Joey's birthday party and he wanted all the wild animals there to celebrate with him. I wasn't able to stay for the entire party because I had a baptism to go to (which is totally okay because I've met these guys before), but from what I could see, it was pretty awesome. Pretty much she has all the kids sit in a row, with the birthday boy in his front row seat, then she bring outs the wild animals one by one and lets us all look and sometimes pet while she tells us about them. Its a real crowd pleaser.

When it was time for the kangaroo she just let him out of the cage to hop around on his own! 
It was soooo weird to see a kangaroo just chilling in my backyard.

My favorite may have been this baby porcupine, born three days prior to the party.
Its kind of a huge letdown that he has poky quills all over because he's so cute I just wanted to cuddle him!

So when it was time for me to leave I reluctantly grabbed my keys and walked out the door...only to find a baboon sitting on my driveway! Hence the instagram picture. I guess my feelings towards monkeys have softened from a passionate disdain to a simple "they're my least favorite animals." It's a step in the right direction. 

That being said, I will NEVER like these guys.
I'll take any other monkey over this.

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