30 January 2013

I Met A Celebrity!

Sort of. Haha. This weekend I went with the in-laws to some animal refuge in Acton (called Animal Tracks) and met all sorts of animals who had been in this that and the other movie. We got an informative, interactive tour in which our guide would let some of the animals out of their cages for us to pet and hold along the way!
I forgot what kind of snake that is. But it's pretty, and we got to hold it! Then we were told to lay down with it for a size comparison.
Cutie Alligator.
This is the thing I most enjoyed petting...although I don't remember what it's called. I do know it is the mid size cat of Africa and can jump 12 feet into the air. Oh and the cat and the fox are besties. Adorbs.
THEN we met the devil creature himself. Spit straight from the burning fiery pits of hades, I'm sure. We got to see him gnash his teeth, scream, and pull little girls hair right in front of our eyes. For some strange reason, everybody loves monkeys! At one point the guide asked how many of us would like to own one of the little beasts and upon the nearly unanimous "I would!" She went on to say "No you don't, because if you brought this little guy home, he would destroy your house, paint with poop on the walls, and rip out your fingernails." Lovely. (She also told us only 1/500 people dislikes monkeys)
But after that we met the Baboon, and she really wasn't all that bad.
Not pictured: I got to pet one of those big attack Rottweiler's that was in the recent Batman movie and the porcupines from We Bought A Zoo were freaking adorable (you'll have to take my word on that). We had a grand old time but unfortunately, meeting the monkey from "everything but Pirates of the Caribbean" did nothing to soften the disgust I have in my heart for the poor creature.
Since then I've had about the worst two days at work you could possibly imagine, so today my momma and me are gonna go get our hair did! Hope everyone has a fantastic hump day

27 January 2013

How Pinterest Has Changed Me

You guys, I'm addicted to jars. I think it may be a side-effect from months of jar collecting for my wedding, but it could also be Pinterest's fault. Husband doesn't understand why I have a whole cupboard reserved for the keeping of empty jars and bottles, but I just can't get rid of them. The other day we had a funny (in my opinion) conversation about it and it all started with these:
Salt and pepper re-fillers...from Bed Bath and Beyond. Matthew brought these home and I was more excited about the shape of the dang cute jars than the fact that we had salt again. Usually he's pretty tolerant but this day he said:
Husband: Wait, you aren't really saving those jars when they're empty, are you?
Wife: Of course I am! Look at how cute they are with the corks!
Husband: You mean to tell me you have all those jars already and you need more??
Wife: Yes. If I ever want to do a project with them, I save money by already having the jars on hand.
Husband: Um, what project?
Wife: I could give them away as little gifts...candies, sugar scrubs - (This is where I got cut off)
Husband: That's what I want.
Wife: What?
Husband: I want a sugar scrub. For Valentines Day.
Wife: Haaaha do you even know what a sugar scrub is?
Husband: Doesn't matter. That's what I want.
I'm pretty sure he just wants to see if I'll actually use one of those jars. What he doesn't know is, with Pinterest, I literally COULD think of a jillion things to put in there! The question is: Do I actually make him a sugar scrub (which I know I'll just end up using) or do I put something HE might actually use? Let's review the options...

Of course, once I dazzle him with a gift, he will completely understand and we will be in agreement that the jars are necessary ;)

21 January 2013

Rollercoaster Love

This last Saturday was spent at Magic Mountain! We got season passes for Christmas (seriously, we lucked out) and had to activate them by the 27th, so we stopped by for a few hours to do that and catch a couple rides. It was a beautiful, not-too-crowded day and I'll even go so far as to say it was my favorite post-marriage date.

 photo 100_6282_zps987383f7.jpg

100_6276_zps45216239 photo 100_6276_zps45216239.jpg

Oh and that cardigan was useless - somebody tell California it's January 20th.
Matthew and I have a very different approach to rollercoasters. I like to start by riding the most intense ride in the park first...while he works his way up for a grand finale (and favors sissy rides, if you're asking me...). To please him, we  warmed up with the boat ride...you know, the kid ride that just swings back and forth...which I thought was just ridiculous. Dang near embarrassing! But here we are on the boat ride:
100_6278_zps822e9b47 photo 100_6278_zps822e9b47.jpg

 Fortunately, my pick was next.
85 mph. 26 story drop. Behold the beauty of Goliath:
 photo 100_6291_zpsf373fd6a.jpg

 photo 100_6285_zpsdd9f6a3c.jpg

100_6287_zps6280bece photo 100_6287_zps6280bece.jpg

 After that I didn't care what we went on. Just spent the rest of the time having a great day with my favorite person, at my favorite place.
100_6296_zps2514e38a photo 100_6296_zps2514e38a.jpg

100_6292_zps1acaaa41 photo 100_6292_zps1acaaa41.jpg

100_6294_zpsfbb38ffd photo 100_6294_zpsfbb38ffd.jpg


17 January 2013


I just realized that both me and my blog finally got new names on the same day. Kailyn at Lost Boy Designs gave bloggie a much needed makeover, while I was at the DMV smiling for a brand new drivers license. We got our big girl panties on and we are loving all the newness over here. Although husband says I should stop saying "we" when referring to my blog and I...

The Usual Show

For my blog crush, I chose this image because I love the unusual combination of a tulle skirt with a button down shirt. I only wish the shoes weren't cut off because from what I can see of them, they're gorgeous! Oh and can I have her legs??
Holiday Party

Holiday Party by laynahrose

I couldn't resist taking her outfit and making it more dramatic. I added the gray shirt to try and make it less costume-y, threw in nail AND toe polish colors, and finished it off with The Fame perfume (which I wear on a regular basis. Hubby likes). Unfortunately, I'm about 11 months early on this one because the only place I can really think to wear it is a holiday party...

Another Day, Another Dollar

AKA a lengthy account of recent job woes...

Since being married, Matthew and I have moved into our apartment, and taken care of all our grown-up business...but I still work in the same place, a whole hour and a half away. Not to mention, I work 12 hour shifts. That's a whopping 15 hour day, if you're keeping track.
Which I am. Because it sucks.
I'm tired and grouchy a lot of the time, but I know that eventually, if I keep filling out enough job applications, then I will get a job closer to home and all will be right in the world. For now I'm doing what I have to do and I've learned to live with that.
On top of this, Matthew is also having job related troubles. He has been working on becoming a licensed insurance agent because an insurance company has offered him a job, and we were feeling really good about it. Up until today, when another option became available in the form of a job interview for another job he applied for months ago, and would really like. Of course, now we're scared of making the wrong decision.
I love that he is so protective of me. He shoulders most of the responsibility for taking care of the two of us and does such a good job. Tonight after a phone call with him (He is in Los Angeles, at some insurance agent thingy for a couple days) I said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help us come to the right decision, and also told Him how much it upsets me when Matt is stressed out like this. I prayed that my husband would be comforted and not five seconds after "amen" this is the text I received: "The Lord has blessed me so much. I've never been unemployed for over a month and I'm complaining about all my job options when some people can't even get one :/"
We ARE incredibly blessed.
Beyond measure.
Heck, I count it as a miracle every time I drive back from work half asleep and make it home alive. So I know that this will all work out. And when it does, we'll have another obstacle to tackle as a married couple. And then another. The thought honestly excites me, rather than frightens me, because something about that man makes me feel like I can do anything.

14 January 2013

Hello Again, Blogworld.

I guess I have some explaining to do.
You see, I seriously thought about quitting the blog for a while there...without even bothering to explain my disappearance! Truth is, I've just been feeling uninspired by Laynah's Corner. So I'm arranging for a blog makeover and will shortly be changing the name to more of a Matthew & Laynah's Corner type thing.

(& I'm excited as all get out about it)
Well here's what I've been doing while NOT blogging haha...throughout the holidays, I documented mine and Matthew's entire relationship. Even though it took forever, it feels so good to have all of our memories all nice and preserved...

Here's just a few pages...

Chapter One - The Beginning
I liked the cover better without any words.

The first date page...

One of the engagement picture pages...

 30+ wedding picture pages...

And the back cover!

So that was a lot of fun.
And it has kind of became my newest treasure.
But I obviously need a blog as well as a yearly photo album, because I'm a picture-taking fiend and I need some place to put my day to day moments too!

Like the other night when Matthew sliced his finger wide open while trying to carve a lizard into a piece of wood.

And I was fresh out of the hospital, still in my scrubs. Matthew and I put all of my nursey knowledge to the test and decided on electrical tape and paper towels for the bandage.

 Oh aaand hydrogen peroxide got 100% of the blood out of our carpet!

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