14 January 2013

Hello Again, Blogworld.

I guess I have some explaining to do.
You see, I seriously thought about quitting the blog for a while there...without even bothering to explain my disappearance! Truth is, I've just been feeling uninspired by Laynah's Corner. So I'm arranging for a blog makeover and will shortly be changing the name to more of a Matthew & Laynah's Corner type thing.

(& I'm excited as all get out about it)
Well here's what I've been doing while NOT blogging haha...throughout the holidays, I documented mine and Matthew's entire relationship. Even though it took forever, it feels so good to have all of our memories all nice and preserved...

Here's just a few pages...

Chapter One - The Beginning
I liked the cover better without any words.

The first date page...

One of the engagement picture pages...

 30+ wedding picture pages...

And the back cover!

So that was a lot of fun.
And it has kind of became my newest treasure.
But I obviously need a blog as well as a yearly photo album, because I'm a picture-taking fiend and I need some place to put my day to day moments too!

Like the other night when Matthew sliced his finger wide open while trying to carve a lizard into a piece of wood.

And I was fresh out of the hospital, still in my scrubs. Matthew and I put all of my nursey knowledge to the test and decided on electrical tape and paper towels for the bandage.

 Oh aaand hydrogen peroxide got 100% of the blood out of our carpet!


s + b said...

I had no idea that hydrogen peroxide removed blood stains - awesome!!

I also didn't know that you got married - I've been out of the blogging loop for a while, too :) Congratulations!!!!!

Fealyclan said...


KendraKlingler27 said...

where/how did you do this?! :D

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