27 January 2013

How Pinterest Has Changed Me

You guys, I'm addicted to jars. I think it may be a side-effect from months of jar collecting for my wedding, but it could also be Pinterest's fault. Husband doesn't understand why I have a whole cupboard reserved for the keeping of empty jars and bottles, but I just can't get rid of them. The other day we had a funny (in my opinion) conversation about it and it all started with these:
Salt and pepper re-fillers...from Bed Bath and Beyond. Matthew brought these home and I was more excited about the shape of the dang cute jars than the fact that we had salt again. Usually he's pretty tolerant but this day he said:
Husband: Wait, you aren't really saving those jars when they're empty, are you?
Wife: Of course I am! Look at how cute they are with the corks!
Husband: You mean to tell me you have all those jars already and you need more??
Wife: Yes. If I ever want to do a project with them, I save money by already having the jars on hand.
Husband: Um, what project?
Wife: I could give them away as little gifts...candies, sugar scrubs - (This is where I got cut off)
Husband: That's what I want.
Wife: What?
Husband: I want a sugar scrub. For Valentines Day.
Wife: Haaaha do you even know what a sugar scrub is?
Husband: Doesn't matter. That's what I want.
I'm pretty sure he just wants to see if I'll actually use one of those jars. What he doesn't know is, with Pinterest, I literally COULD think of a jillion things to put in there! The question is: Do I actually make him a sugar scrub (which I know I'll just end up using) or do I put something HE might actually use? Let's review the options...

Of course, once I dazzle him with a gift, he will completely understand and we will be in agreement that the jars are necessary ;)


Shay said...

Those are so cute- I don't blame you for wanting to keep them! My vote is the date in the jar- I LOVE that idea!

KendraKlingler27 said...

You know what I collected a TON of jars for my wedding too, We used some of it to put our flour, sugar and so forth. But I have a lot more baby food jars that my sister in-law gave me, it was over 200 of them, my nephew ate a TON!! lol
but I don't know what to use the baby food jars, I haven't found anything on pinterest for those jars. lol

Brandi @ Home Team Dreams said...

Haha! I blame everything that I do now on Pinterest- like all the furniture collecting in our garage that I've found while thrifting. All because of a few cute ideas I saw on Pinterest. Ha!

I totally think you should make him the sugar scrub simply because he said he wanted it, but with a hint of doubt that you would actually do it. Not only that, you should one up yourself by making two (maybe the date in a jar)! That will definitely wow him! Haha! :)

nate and amy crandell said...

Haha I love pinterest too! I don't have an account but I love looking for ideas on it! And WAY CUTE jars, I love the sugar scrub idea, :)

Caitlin C. said...

I am just like you - I LOVE little jars!! I think they're so adorable. You should definitely make him a sugar scrub :)

s + b said...

I have a cupboard full of jars that are waiting for the right project to come along :) Maybe I'll make Steven a sugar scrub for Valentine's Day too. I love both practical and romantic gifts.

Mellissa Rondinelli said...

OMG! I just had this same experience at Christmas. I made so many homemade gifts with jars I had around my house and sadly we still had stuff in the jars and I put it in rubber-made containers to use the jars! Def make your hubby some sugar scrub!

World According to Shia

Fealyclan said...

Coconut sugar scrub it is! You know he'll use it.

Sofia Donatelli said...

LOVE this idea.

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