30 January 2013

I Met A Celebrity!

Sort of. Haha. This weekend I went with the in-laws to some animal refuge in Acton (called Animal Tracks) and met all sorts of animals who had been in this that and the other movie. We got an informative, interactive tour in which our guide would let some of the animals out of their cages for us to pet and hold along the way!
I forgot what kind of snake that is. But it's pretty, and we got to hold it! Then we were told to lay down with it for a size comparison.
Cutie Alligator.
This is the thing I most enjoyed petting...although I don't remember what it's called. I do know it is the mid size cat of Africa and can jump 12 feet into the air. Oh and the cat and the fox are besties. Adorbs.
THEN we met the devil creature himself. Spit straight from the burning fiery pits of hades, I'm sure. We got to see him gnash his teeth, scream, and pull little girls hair right in front of our eyes. For some strange reason, everybody loves monkeys! At one point the guide asked how many of us would like to own one of the little beasts and upon the nearly unanimous "I would!" She went on to say "No you don't, because if you brought this little guy home, he would destroy your house, paint with poop on the walls, and rip out your fingernails." Lovely. (She also told us only 1/500 people dislikes monkeys)
But after that we met the Baboon, and she really wasn't all that bad.
Not pictured: I got to pet one of those big attack Rottweiler's that was in the recent Batman movie and the porcupines from We Bought A Zoo were freaking adorable (you'll have to take my word on that). We had a grand old time but unfortunately, meeting the monkey from "everything but Pirates of the Caribbean" did nothing to soften the disgust I have in my heart for the poor creature.
Since then I've had about the worst two days at work you could possibly imagine, so today my momma and me are gonna go get our hair did! Hope everyone has a fantastic hump day


Mellissa Rondinelli said...

Super fun! We went to a place like this in Oregon on our honeymoon. It was so great to pet and see all the animals that close.

World According to Shia

Lauren said...

Monkeys are what my nightmares are made of. Dislike x a gazillion.

nate and amy crandell said...

aH! I am deathly afraid of snakes!!! You are so brave! SO cool you got to see these celebrity animals.

Denise said...

How fun!! I would love to do this.

Shaina G said...

the snake looks like a boaconstricter. ugh not a fan of snakes

Shay said...

Sorry you have had a couple rough days:-( That looks so awesome, though! Except for the alligator- not a fan!

Katie said...

that is crazy! that snake is SOO big!! i'd want to meet the baboon!

Brandi @ Home Team Dreams said...

Looks like a very fun time! I don't know that I could have held that snake though! You're brave girl! haha :)

Sara SHOEmaker said...

whoa! you are very brave to lay down next to the snake haha. that fox is gorgeous too

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