21 January 2013

Rollercoaster Love

This last Saturday was spent at Magic Mountain! We got season passes for Christmas (seriously, we lucked out) and had to activate them by the 27th, so we stopped by for a few hours to do that and catch a couple rides. It was a beautiful, not-too-crowded day and I'll even go so far as to say it was my favorite post-marriage date.

 photo 100_6282_zps987383f7.jpg

100_6276_zps45216239 photo 100_6276_zps45216239.jpg

Oh and that cardigan was useless - somebody tell California it's January 20th.
Matthew and I have a very different approach to rollercoasters. I like to start by riding the most intense ride in the park first...while he works his way up for a grand finale (and favors sissy rides, if you're asking me...). To please him, we  warmed up with the boat ride...you know, the kid ride that just swings back and forth...which I thought was just ridiculous. Dang near embarrassing! But here we are on the boat ride:
100_6278_zps822e9b47 photo 100_6278_zps822e9b47.jpg

 Fortunately, my pick was next.
85 mph. 26 story drop. Behold the beauty of Goliath:
 photo 100_6291_zpsf373fd6a.jpg

 photo 100_6285_zpsdd9f6a3c.jpg

100_6287_zps6280bece photo 100_6287_zps6280bece.jpg

 After that I didn't care what we went on. Just spent the rest of the time having a great day with my favorite person, at my favorite place.
100_6296_zps2514e38a photo 100_6296_zps2514e38a.jpg

100_6292_zps1acaaa41 photo 100_6292_zps1acaaa41.jpg

100_6294_zpsfbb38ffd photo 100_6294_zpsfbb38ffd.jpg



Ashley said...

oh my gosh...SO Fun! i love amusement parks - they are my fav! But, I'm kind of a wimp on the coasters! I'd hang with you on the boat ride though!!

nate and amy crandell said...

So jealous! I freakin LOVE amusements parks and roller coasters! Glad you were able to go and have a fun time :)

s + b said...

FUN!!! I LOVE rollercoasters. When Steven and I were engaged we were living in Florida and bought season passes to Busch Gardens. So many happy memories on those rides!

I think I've said this before, but I am so jealous of your hair! So long and healthy and those curls! :)

Sara SHOEmaker said...

Yayyy you're married!! Congratulations! I am so behind the times on blog land haha. Looks like you and your hubby had a fabulous day!

The House of Shoes

Saskia Sacro said...

Looks fun!! I want to try the roller coaster <3 Anyway, would you like to follow each other?? just let me know! I'll follow back. PROMISE :)thanks in advance! x

Blog: The Sassy Theory

Joanna said...

I'm such a wuss when it comes to roller coasters. I've been to Magic Mountain and I spent the whole day working up to Batman. I wish I had the stomach for the ones you went on!

P. s. I love your new layout. I keep forgetting to put that in my comments.

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