28 February 2013

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday is kind of my favorite.
Let's look through some memories, shall we?
Dierks Bentley concert at the fairgrounds with the bestie.

Maintaining control of some littles while babysitting...

KE$HA concert

This is how I talk on the phone.
AND THAT is the room I survived high school in!

Can you spy Matthew? He was with HER and I was with that one guy...we were delivering cookies to some friends and would have never guessed we'd ever end up dating when I took this picture.
Notice the glasses?
I haven't worn them in a whiiiiile, but last week I got sick of my contacts and bought some new ones. I am not even looking back, it feels so nice to not have a foreign object in your eye 17 hours a day.
Matthew think's I'm like...
(Except I actually have lenses in my frames)
Pics or it didn't happen, right?
Photo evidence coming up.

25 February 2013

I've Deleted All My Pins

That's like, upwards of 1500 pins gone... which is an embarrassing number because it hints at how much time I waste. I got so sick of pins that don't go to their correct source (like one pin with a picture of strawberries and cottage cheese that claimed to be 100 carb free snacks, but actually sourced back to flickr or something). Inspiration boards should not be a place for clutter - so I simply scrapped it all! Now, I'm having way too much fun over here filling up my new blank space with all things beautiful, clever, delicious, and smart. Although I have yet to come up with some of those cute, clever names for my boards ;) haha
I'm being much more picky this time around...
care to see the kinds of things that make the cut?
I pinned these breakfast cookies recently and have been making them for the past week. I skip the nuts and add dark chocolate chips to the batter but besides that, I use her recipe and love them! I'll have only one or two with a glass of milk and they really stick to my ribs -  on work days I eat them around 5am and don't need a snack until around 9 or 10.

Haven't tried these healthy popsicle recipes yet, but I cant think of one good reason not to.
A cotton ball saving method for taking off polish. Because I use approximately half a bag of cotton balls every time I need to change my color.
80 couples poses for when I'm a real life photographer. I'm so jealous of people that want to be videographers, and photographers, and graphic designers and then they make it look easy and just go do it. I have decided to not be deterred by my fear that I might suck, and have formulated a long term plan in which I just go do it.
And Finally: I'm obsessed with big fat headbands (even though the girl wearing it doesn't look too pleased haha). Maybe if I condition my child from birth by making her wear a headband all the time, she will actually keep it on her head? Weird Side Note: All my life I've been picturing my baby girl with brown curls and basically being my little twin. It never really occurred to me that she might look like her father until I recently started having dreams of a straight-haired blonde child! Now I'm fully expecting a brood of towheads one day.
The comments on my last post were all very much appreciated. 
Thank you for your sweet words of advice and support, to a girl you barely know.
(It made her week)

23 February 2013

Marriage is Dang Hard.

Yes, Mr. Crawley and I have quickly discovered that we are doomed to be one of those couples, whose first year is the hardest part. These past four months have been FULL of learning experiences...more than I would have thought possible in such a short amount of time. Sometimes it seems that Matthew and I, both being of strong will and stubborn heart, have chosen to learn every one of those lessons the hard way. I'm afraid we've gotten a little clumsy with each other's hearts lately, and when I say "we" I mean mostly me. Communicating is hard. Saying "I'm sorry" is hard. Forgiving is hard. But those are all things that I don't think I could have learned without him, and only him. Loving him has never been hard, and even through the darkest of times I can feel that he is the only one for me.

This song by Thompson Square has really been speaking to me, and I have unofficially dedicated it to our first year of marriage.

20 February 2013

A Controversial Post (Sorry Hipster Followers)

Sometimes, things just need to be called out when they're overrated.
Let's talk about coconut oil. You've seen it around as the new trendy fat to cook with, but I have a hunch it isn't as healthy as Pinterest claims it is. By the time I finished reading this list of 52 ways to use it, the suggestion was to eat 9 spoonfuls a day. Yikes. Good thing I paid attention in Physiology today and know that just because it isn't an animal by product, a saturated fat is still a saturated fat. Your body doesn't care if it grew on a tree; too much will raise your LDL cholesterol. Which, fyi, is what clogs your arteries. I'm not saying it wouldn't be a great substitute for some of the other saturated fats in your life, but in my completely non professional opinion, you would need to cut out ALL other sources of fat if you wanted to eat 9 spoonfuls a day.

That being said, I have not tried it topically and do want to someday see for myself if it really will improve the health and appearance of my skin and hair. Standby.

Semi-related side note: Gluten is nothing but a protein found in most whole grains. I don't believe for a minute that cutting it out of your diet will benefit you in any way, unless you are allergic.

18 February 2013

Moved to Tears

I just watched a video, and I had to share because it made me cry like a baby. The following young people volunteered to leave their friends, families, and lifestyle for a two year mission, without even knowing where they would spend those two years. It's a remarkable display of courage and commitment, no matter what (if any) religion you may be.

In case you don't know much about Mormon missionaries, this sign says it all:


Congratulations and God be with them all, including my own brother-in-law Preston, who happens to be leaving for the France, Lyon mission TODAY. (Actually, he is leaving for the Missionary Training Center to learn to speak French first, but you get the picture. It's pretty flipping cool. And sad. We will sure miss him)
 Oh AND one of my best friends Chloe, who is anxiously awaiting the envelope that will tell her where on Earth she is going!

So bittersweet...
One more picture, just for fun.


11 February 2013

Crossing CPR off my Bucket List

Yesterday at work (I work in a hospital) there was a code blue (aka an adult medical emergency, aka someone is dying) and I happened to be right in the room next door at the time. I've been waiting so long for my chance, so I ran in, gloved up, and said "I'm a first timer, I want to do compressions." Let me tell you, it really is all it's cracked up to be. It was fascinating to feel his pulse while someone else was doing chest compressions and knowing that there was blood pumpin in there even though his own heart couldn't do it just then.


1. Save a life
2. Be in on the action
3. Gain experience
4. When his own heart took over. (It is hard work being a heart!)
5. High fives all around afterwards

1. Cardio. You're sweating after, like 15 compressions
2. The human ribcage wasn't made for CPR
3. It was my first time and I was scared of doing it wrong
4. I hurt my shoulder somehow?
5. Can you overdose on adrenaline? I feel like I got hit by a truck today.

I'm serious about that getting hit by a truck thing, too. I guess that could also be from the fact that after work, I stopped by a family birthday party, and AFTER that...my car broke down on the way home. Did I mention I live and hour and a half away from my job? There wasn't a lot of sleeping being done last night.

Needless to say, I'm taking it easy today.
 If I start feeling ambitious though, definitely trying this out!

08 February 2013

Playing Pretend


I know I'm a little late but I had to join in this week. Here I layered leather over sequins (always a win) as well as layering lots of wrist candy. I love how when you're creating an outfit on Polyvore you're happily stuck in this dreamlike state, and then your dreams come crashing down when you publish it and check out how much everything is, lol. I'm sure I could recreate this look in real life under $1600. Till then I'm happy playing pretend.

07 February 2013

Back to School

school bags

So I know I just made a post about my bag(s), but the spring semester just started and I am having such a good time checking out everyone else's cute school bags. I figure another bag post is just a drop in the bucket. The one problem is that I can't decide whether I'd like to have a tote bag or a cute backpack more...I'd really like to have a backpack but it seems like all of the cute ones are too small to really be useful. Le sigh.


05 February 2013

Welp, It's February.

In my family, this means birthday season. I'm pretty sure there's like 10 birthdays within the first two weeks of February around here, with Dad kicking it off on the first.

As we were singing happy birthday to you, we came to that part where everyone says "Haaaappy Birthdayyy to Jaaaaaason" but of course I, being your daughter, said "Haaappy Birthdayyyy to Daddddyyyyy." It hit me that 17 years ago I barely knew what a daddy was, 15 years ago I was kind of getting used to my mom marrying this new "daddy" figure, 8 years ago I was confused at how somebody could possibly love another human being as deeply as a daddy loves his daughter (even when she kicks and screams all the way), and three days ago I sang "daddy" to the first man I ever loved. It's really kind of awesome.
Happy Birthday Daddy!
 Oh and you're welcome for that cute cake I made you ;)

01 February 2013

Growing Pains

With so much change going on in my life, I've been feeling very inspired to finally become the person that my 10 year old self thought I would be at the age I am now. I often ask myself "What kind of wife, daughter, and coworker do I want to be?" Because I recently had a breakthrough when I realized that I can do that. All I have to do is make a choice, and then go be it! What my ten year old self didn't know, is that I have to actually work to make it happen.

So I've been paying a lot of attention to how I come across. The method I've been using to decide which traits need to change, and which ones need to stay is to ask myself questions as I notice certain things. I know that I'm a friendly person, but does everyone else know that unless I smile and greet them as they walk by? I know that I love my husband but does he know that if I don't take time to show him? I don't know if I'm actually making any progress yet, but I think I'm stumbling in the right direction.

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