07 February 2013

Back to School

school bags

So I know I just made a post about my bag(s), but the spring semester just started and I am having such a good time checking out everyone else's cute school bags. I figure another bag post is just a drop in the bucket. The one problem is that I can't decide whether I'd like to have a tote bag or a cute backpack more...I'd really like to have a backpack but it seems like all of the cute ones are too small to really be useful. Le sigh.



Brandi @ Home Team Dreams said...

I love a cute tote! I kinda want all of these now. And I'm really loving that mint colored backpack!

Laney G said...

I love the owl tote. but only b/c i now collect owl things.

saw your blog on another's page. and thought i'd view yours.

hope to hear from you. here's my link


Mellissa Rondinelli said...

Love that owl tote!


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