25 February 2013

I've Deleted All My Pins

That's like, upwards of 1500 pins gone... which is an embarrassing number because it hints at how much time I waste. I got so sick of pins that don't go to their correct source (like one pin with a picture of strawberries and cottage cheese that claimed to be 100 carb free snacks, but actually sourced back to flickr or something). Inspiration boards should not be a place for clutter - so I simply scrapped it all! Now, I'm having way too much fun over here filling up my new blank space with all things beautiful, clever, delicious, and smart. Although I have yet to come up with some of those cute, clever names for my boards ;) haha
I'm being much more picky this time around...
care to see the kinds of things that make the cut?
I pinned these breakfast cookies recently and have been making them for the past week. I skip the nuts and add dark chocolate chips to the batter but besides that, I use her recipe and love them! I'll have only one or two with a glass of milk and they really stick to my ribs -  on work days I eat them around 5am and don't need a snack until around 9 or 10.

Haven't tried these healthy popsicle recipes yet, but I cant think of one good reason not to.
A cotton ball saving method for taking off polish. Because I use approximately half a bag of cotton balls every time I need to change my color.
80 couples poses for when I'm a real life photographer. I'm so jealous of people that want to be videographers, and photographers, and graphic designers and then they make it look easy and just go do it. I have decided to not be deterred by my fear that I might suck, and have formulated a long term plan in which I just go do it.
And Finally: I'm obsessed with big fat headbands (even though the girl wearing it doesn't look too pleased haha). Maybe if I condition my child from birth by making her wear a headband all the time, she will actually keep it on her head? Weird Side Note: All my life I've been picturing my baby girl with brown curls and basically being my little twin. It never really occurred to me that she might look like her father until I recently started having dreams of a straight-haired blonde child! Now I'm fully expecting a brood of towheads one day.
The comments on my last post were all very much appreciated. 
Thank you for your sweet words of advice and support, to a girl you barely know.
(It made her week)


nate and amy crandell said...

I love all these pins! The cookies I need right now haha and yes I trained my daughter right away to wear headbands, they are so cute!!

eryka {from abcde} said...

I pinned too much too!!! I could never delete mine though. I would freak!!

Punctuation Mark said...

I know what you mean... I never pin anything that doesn't have an original source!

Desiree Macke said...

I love that you started a clean slate with your pins. Something I'm seriously considering now, especially when I can't link to an original source. SO FRUSTRATING!

josie renee said...

I love these new pins! You are right.... inspirational places should be clutter free. I need to take a new look at my boards.

s + b said...

Clearing out my pins sounds strangely cathartic. Maybe I'll try?

I want to try those breakfast cookies. I spend the first half of the day ravenously hungry but trying to save up my calories for later in the day. These sound like a good way to go. Thanks for sharing!

Kristin said...

I hate those empty pins too! They are so frustrating. I think you will be a lovely photographer!

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