18 February 2013

Moved to Tears

I just watched a video, and I had to share because it made me cry like a baby. The following young people volunteered to leave their friends, families, and lifestyle for a two year mission, without even knowing where they would spend those two years. It's a remarkable display of courage and commitment, no matter what (if any) religion you may be.

In case you don't know much about Mormon missionaries, this sign says it all:


Congratulations and God be with them all, including my own brother-in-law Preston, who happens to be leaving for the France, Lyon mission TODAY. (Actually, he is leaving for the Missionary Training Center to learn to speak French first, but you get the picture. It's pretty flipping cool. And sad. We will sure miss him)
 Oh AND one of my best friends Chloe, who is anxiously awaiting the envelope that will tell her where on Earth she is going!

So bittersweet...
One more picture, just for fun.



s + b said...

My little sister is in that video! She's going to Norway in April. SO amazing how many missionaries are going out now since the age requirement changed.

That sign makes me tear up a little - so true.

Anonymous said...

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Kate said...

i literally just wept. i loved this video. i'm so glad you shared it. so tender. i wish i could have gone when i was 19!

Regine Karpel said...

That sign was beautiful!
Thanks for sharing!

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